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First and foremost: There are several levels of hair length. Depending on your curl pattern, texture type, and how you use products, you may or may not achieve your current length goals. However, this does not mean that you cannot modify your overall hair health goals. So, let’s get into it!

Fun fact: Hair usually takes about two years to reach shoulder length.[2]

If you are jumping for joy, you may want to consider the type of hair this fact is related to. We can definitely make an educated guess and call it a straight hair statistic. So, whoopee for those with bone straight hair: you will continue to see the reaches of your hair length with ease.

If you have curly and/or textured hair, you may not necessarily see shoulder length or medium hair length growth. You may see a voluminous Afro, waves that flow just below your shoulder blades, or curls that refuse to grow past your ear lobes. There are many factors involved with these scenarios.

Let’s take a look at these factors. Are you ready?

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Curly Hair Growth

The hair growth cycle is a series of growth phases: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen (click on “hair growth cycle” link to learn more about these phases”>. I would argue that where length is concerned, the most important of the phases is the telogen phase. This means that your curls are at rest at this point; they are not growing, but the hair follicle is resting from producing all that hair that you want to measure so desperately! When this phase occurs, follow my advice: Massage your scalp, avoid over manipulating your curls, and keep that mane moisturized.

Curly Hair Length Checks

Put down the ruler and love your curls!

Have you considered the fact that it’s not all about length? Although you may have hit a growth plateau, you shouldn’t give up on the ultimate goal: healthy, beautiful curls! While you begin the process of releasing your heart and mind from length checking, you need to heed some tried and true advice from your curl friends Evelyn from the Internets and Nikki Chanel:

Achieve Healthy Curly Hair with these Products

African-American woman with short curly hair displays hair length after one side of her hair is blown out.

Friend, I experience so much shrinkage, you’d think I have an everlasting TWA. In my case, my curls are growing long and strong because of the right products and very little manipulation. After trying all of these on my scalp and 4C hair, I am recommending the following to you:

  1. Extra Strength 7 Super Oils Shampoo for all texture types, curl patterns, and various porosity and density levels. This shampoo is great for those of us that do not want our scalp and hair strands stripped on their natural oils… which is all of us, amirite?! Seriously – I think that all of you should give this shampoo a try.

  2. Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner – Citrus Lavender (8 oz.”> for all texture types and curl patterns, but especially for curls that are prone to dryness and breakage. First of all, the scent is too live for! Second, my hair is prone to dryness by nature. When I used this wash out conditioner, I was afraid that it would not thoroughly condition my curls. After washing it out, my hair was soft and smelled great! I believe that fine and medium hair types will benefit from this conditioner, for sure.

  3. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner (16 oz.”> for all texture types, curl patterns, and various porosity and density levels. I fell head over feet for this leave-in. I especially liked it because it didn’t leave that intimidating white film on my low porosity, medium-coarse coils. My hair felt hydrated throughout my work day and I didn’t need a spritz of water for refreshing. I recommend this from my curly and coily friends.

  4. Eprouvage Reparative Treatment Masque (8 oz.”> for all texture types, curl patterns, and various porosity and density levels. I have been using this hair masque for 2 years, once a month on those long, my-arms-‘boutta-fall-off wash days. I use it to retain moisture and to give my scalp a deeply nourishing treatment. Because of its formulation, this masque has helped me keep my hair follicles super healthy. Give it a shot and tell me if you have seen a difference in your hair’s health.

  5. Groganics DHT Blocker System On the Spot Itch Relief Scalp Medicine Drops (4oz.”> for protective styles and edges that refuse to grow. I know how my protective style wearing friends feel: My edges aren’t laid; they’ve been snatched! Well, I have news for you… get control of your edges and itching scalp when those box braids, cornrows, and crochets are locked into your strands with these drops. In an upcoming Watch ‘N Go, you will hear me sing the praises of these drops because they are MAGICAL. Subscribe to the NaturallyCurly YouTube channel to see the video when it publishes.

  6. Long Aid Naturals Tea Tree Detox Clarifying Spray (8 oz.”> for protective styles, 2nd and 3rd-day hair to avoid over-manipulation, and to keep scalp moisturized and clean. This is the best spray I have used to keep my protective styles free of scalp gunk while keeping my scalp hydrated. For hair length retention, you’ll want to use this spray between styles and as a refresher.

Length is a key part of understanding your texture, but it doesn’t have to be EVERYTHING.

The true measure of awesomely divine hair is a healthy scalp and hair follicles, and low manipulation. Continue your hair length research with these articles:

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As ever, stay curly (no matter the length”>!


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