A moisturizer is a water-based product that penetrates all the way to the inner layer of your curls. Although many companies label their products as moisturizers, read the ingredient label and make sure water is first or second on the list.  

Generally speaking, curly hair and coily hair types are dry.

This is because of the outer cuticle layer of our strands, which tends to be raised, allows moisture to escape the hair easily. In order to prevent the moisture from escaping, it is important to apply a moisturizing product, and then lock in that moisture with a sealant.

Can you use butters and oils to moisturize?

Often, butters and oils are mistakenly used as moisturizers. Although these products are great for locking in moisture, most cannot penetrate the inner layer of your strand. Shea butter, cacao butter, oils extracted from plants and lanolin are examples of emollients, which are ingredients that act as natural sealants.

Can styling products moisturize?

A moisturizer is meant to improve the health of your curls, whereas a styler is meant to shape your curls. It is a common misconception that stylers are moisturizing.

In an attempt to provide hold, many stylers contain drying ingredients. At the beginning of my natural hair journey, I would purchase styling products that were marketed as moisturizers. As a student, I did my best to save some money by buying 2-in-1 products, but after applying the product a couple of times it was clear my hair was not getting the moisture it needed.

How to find the right moisturizer

I always buy products that are as natural as possible.

Always look at the ingredient label to check if the top 5 ingredients are moisturizing and agree with your hair. My two favorite moisturizers are from SheaMoisture and Camille Rose Naturals. These brands are favorites of the community because of their aim to deliver products that are as natural and organic as possible.

This product can be applied on both dry and wet hair. Type 2 blogger Diane Mary prefers to apply a moisturizer on her hair when it is dry, while I prefer to apply it my type 3c coils when wet. I spritz my hair first and apply this product while finger detangling my hair. I seal the product by using my favorite sealant: the Curl Maker by Camille Rose Naturals.

My hair just loves the ingredients and guess what: the first ingredient is water. According to the company one of the ingredients is a great amount of love! I apply the product as described previously. The results are just lovely on curly-coily hair!

Which moisturizer are you loving right now?

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