No one ever said school was easy...

Well, maybe a few people did, but it doesn't mean you're not taking time to run to class, run to the library, run...late. It's a lot!

So for the curly student in a hurry, the wash and go is a life saver. It lets you get a great no-fuss style and definition without a lot of time spent. Best of all, it keeps your curls well cared for and properly moisturized when done right! For the busy natural on campus, finding an easy wash and go for back to school is a must-have weapon against bad hair days, and bad morale! Hey, we all need a boost sometimes. In keeping with keeping up, here's a fast five-minute, easy wash and go that can make your hair care routine a little quicker and easier.

  1. Co-wash your hair as usual. Make sure you use enough product to fully saturate your strands. The product you use should be natural, hydrating, and gentle such as Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Co-Wash Cleansing ConditionerSheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser, or your favorite gentle wash—provided there's a good conditioning element to it. As long as it's gentle on your strands and offers hydration, you are good to go!
  2. While the product is still in your hair, make sure you take the time to detangle strands. Using your fingers to gently break up tangles BEFORE you rinse and dry to save yourself any tearing and additional time!
  3. Rinse well. You'll want to make sure all the product is out, since even the gentlest cleansers can leave itchy buildup if they dry on you. But you also want to make sure you fully saturate your hair since you need the water exposure to have the humectants in your products work!Squeeze out any excess water before you step out. You want hair to be damp, but not soaking wet—it's a style hazard and a safety hazard!
  4. Apply your favorite gel to damp strands to get the best definition for curls. A few great options include Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils Don't Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel, and DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel, but keep in mind that you want to consider your hair's individual characteristics before you pick a gel! Protip: You don't have to totally envelop your strands to get definition, depending on your porosity level. Check out your type and porosity level with our new and improved Hair Typing Quiz, then get shopping from there!
  5. When applying products, use the praying hands method. This will ensure you don't create new tangles while working and that you get an even distribution of product.
  6. Once you have applied your gel throughout your hair, let it air dry.
  7. If you are concerned with your roots need a little lift, you can also blow dry at the roots, finish with a cool shot, to add a little volume to the look. Sure, you're kind of taking out the "n' go" part of your wash n' go, but school ACs and running around in the winter might force your hand a little! That or your personal sense of style. It's all valid!

For a better look at a quick and easy wash and go for back to school, check out this helpful tutorial:

Be sure to share your back to school looks with us between classes, and best of luck to all of our curlfriends hitting the books this year!