The best way to healthy hair is to care for your body. Diet, genetics, certain medications, hormones, and exercise all affect your hair growth. Oils and supplements are great, but they have their limitations. Supplements help with deficiencies diagnosed by your physician and oils have an array of benefits, including different properties and fatty acids that nourish the hair shaft and sometimes the follicle. Hair growth starts with a healthy body. 

If your body is not well, it will manifest in your hair, skin, and nails. If you are already eating right, exercising regularly, and have low stress levels, your hair should be fine. Always consult with your primary care physician before making any drastic changes to your diet or taking supplements. Maintaining a healthy body is all about balance. Once your body is at its optimum health, nothing more can be done but maintenance. For example, if you are not vitamin B deficient, biotin will do little for you and if your follicles are healthy, scalp treatments can only do so much.

Recently, we teamed with sports medicine specialist Dr. Phoenyx Austin and lifestyle vlogger Jenell B. Stewart to discuss the importance of diet and fitness in their daily lives and how it affects their hair growth. Don’t know what to eat? Worried about a sweaty scalp? Listen to what this licensed expert and beloved NaturallyCurly contributor and community member have to say about healthy eating inside out.

Has your lifestyle affected your hair growth?

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