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When spring rolls around, it is a time of new beginnings. With these new beginnings all around, your curls need a sparkling new style for the season. Since flowers are a popular sign of the times, here are a few floral styles for spring to give your hair a fresh start.

1. Sleek Floral Bun

Consider this sleek bun style that’s attractively accented with a flower, a not so basic bun. It’s perfect for any curl type and if you want to add more length or volume you can add extensions to your bun. Best of all, it is super easy to do in a matter of minutes. It offers a look that is perfect for a spring picnic with the family or date night.

2. Hair Flower

When looking for a unique and pretty Spring look, consider this floral style that will garner lots of compliments. Since the flower is created by using your hair, it is sure to get attention. This is great for when you want a touch of spring without using any accessories.

3. French Twist With Flowers

When you want something relatively easy to pull off that adds pops of brightly colored flowers, this is the look for you. Suited for long or short hair, this style is great for a fun, playful look that’s perfect for springtime festivities.

4. Flower Headband Styles

Of course, one of the most popular floral styles for spring is the flower headband. This is a popular look for everything from music festivals to weddings for the bride with a bohemian side. Of course, knowing how to wear it with your natural hair can take some practice.

5. Make Your Own Flower Headband

Following on our last video, this one shows you artistic curlies how to make your own floral headband with just a few pretty pieces from a craft store. This look is so fun and versatile — she also shows several styles to achieve with incorporating the flower crown. 

Will you be accessorizing your waves, curls or coils with florals this season? Let us know in the comments below.


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