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As curlies, we all know that using heat tools is playing with fire.

Almost literally at that. When used the right way, higher temperatures can help with deep conditioning to open up the cuticle for better penetration and help set your style when you’re ready to change things up. But when used the wrong way, it can lead to brittle, breakable strands lightening the load of your curls by having them fall off your head completely.

If you’re finding that your heating wrongs aren’t making anything right, it might be a good time to consider going without them for a bit.

Obviously using heat post-wash, has the potential for a drying effect—yes, even when you’re not using an actual blowdryer. Chicago-based hairstylist, Anna Jackson, told DailyMakeover “Heat rapidly dries out hair, and if your hair is already colored or just naturally dry, then you will have to trim your hair more often and use masque conditioners to help keep the moisture in. Hot tools can also make hair look crispy and create split ends if overused.”

No thanks to all of that.

If you’re ready to start saving time on heat styling, saving money on split end treatments, and saving your curls’ integrity, the alternatives couldn’t be easier!

Take air drying for example. When we say some curl methods are quick, natural, and easy, we can’t get much more into those pluses than we do with this. If you have time, ie, not before bed or work, wring your curls out once your last rinse is done, and either leave them be, or put them in detangled twists depending on your personal curl concentration. Check out how NaturallyCurly’s own Amanda does it!

If you have high porosity or chemically lightened hair, and you’re worried that air drying is going to introduce more frizz in your life, you’re not wrong to! But before you reach for the dryer again, try investing in microfiber towels or turbans! Not only are they better for your hair than your typical terrycloth, they also absorb water even faster. Bonus, you won’t have to worry about getting your cute graphic tees all soggy. Try out DevaCurl’s Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel if you’re a toussler with time to sit and air out, or the Aquis Essentials Turban if you’re more into multitasking while the excess water soaks on up! If you’re a coily that needs to twist those locks immediately to prevent knotting, consider patting or turbaning those twists after they’re formed to help the core of those twists dry a little faster.

Don’t think you can quit?

If your curls aren’t color treated, or otherwise fragile, heat tools don’t necessarily have to be the enemy. But that doesn’t mean you can just put your hair on blast! Use medium heat instead of instantly flipping the switch to the highest setting, and focus on drying and straightening your roots rather than giving all your attention to the older, weaker strands. Make sure you’re up on your deep conditioning, leave-in, and heat protectant game to keep those curls healthy!

Are you ready to take the heat off your hair? Let us know in the comments if you have, or even if you can’t!

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