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If you have an itchy or flaky scalp condition, such as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, or psoriasis, one of the ways to control the problem is to cleanse frequently. Many of my clients ask if I recommend hair extensions as a style they can wear for low maintenance even though they suffer with a flaky scalp problem like dandruff.

I always tell clients that they should shy away from styles that close their hair and scalp in when they have a scalp problem because they need to control the symptoms by frequently cleansing the hair and scalp. When you have hair extensions and your scalp is closed in, you cannot cleanse the scalp thoroughly or use prescription topical treatments properly. Flakes and dirt buildup on the scalp only worsen the scalp condition.

There are styles that you can wear that are low maintenance but still allow you to regularly address the needs of your hair and scalp. If you are cleansing one to two times a week, you can do any one of these low maintenance styles in between shampoos.

Two Strand Flat Twist

One style option I recommend for minimal maintenance as possible is to wear a two-strand flat twist style. If you shampoo your hair once a week, a two strand flat twist style can be very low maintenance because you can leave the style in place until your next shampoo. Two strand flat twist look like cornrows except two pieces of hair create a twist that lays flat against your scalp instead a braid.

This style can beneficial if you have prescription topical medication that has to be applied to your scalp to alleviate itch, and flakes associated with some scalp disorders because the scalp is open and accessible for you to use your treatments.

Loose Bun or Ponytail

A loose bun or ponytail can also be low maintenance and works perfect for the person who is limited on time. I can’t stress how important it is to cleanse your scalp regularly when dealing with problems that cause excessive flaking of the scalp. Cleansing regularly allows you to keep the problem controlled. Never pull your curls, waves, or coils into a bun or ponytail while soaking wet. Pulling your hair back into a bun or ponytail while the hair is soaking wet creates an unhealthy scalp environment increasing bacterial and fungal growth, which can worsen symptoms such as inflammation, itch, flakes, scalp odor, and redness. Let 80% of the water dry out of your hair with a diffuser, blow-dryer, or by air-drying.

French braid or Dutch braid

A French braid can be another option if you want a change from the classic bun or ponytail. A French Braid is scalp friendly if you have a scalp problem because it does not requiring any tension on the hair or scalp.  Your scalp will not feel too tight or inflamed.  A French braid is also very versatile and there are many ways to create a unique style at home for yourself.

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If you want an extension option and you have a scalp problem, I recommend trying a wig. You can take off a wig when you get home and shampoo your hair and scalp as needed. Stay away from wigs with clips or combs because they can irritate the scalp and worsen your condition. The combs or clips attached to wigs can also cause hair loss or hair breakage if worn too often. Try to get more than one wig so when you shampoo one wig you have another wig to alternate. Wigs are great options because your cornrows can be loose. Styles with the continued use of tension can cause permanent hair loss called traction alopecia.

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As a licensed cosmetologist and certified IAT trichologist, I enjoy helping people get to the root of their hair loss and hair breakage problems. I love teaching my clients how to care for their hair and pampering them with relaxing services. I love helping, creating, and learning.

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