On Friday evening, A Category 4 Hurricane rocked the coast of Texas affecting several cities, including my current home in Houston, TX. With Hurricane Harvey, came over 50+ inches of floodwaters, fires, tornadoes, and thousands of displaced Texans fighting for their lives, their homes, and their vehicles. Both Houston airports are completely flooded and have cancelled all travel indefinitely, and major portions of our freeways across the south east region of Texas have vehicles completely underwater, and have been rendered inaccessible for an unknown amount of time. Several levees have also either broken, or are being released in order to combat the rising floodwaters. What's more, it has not stopped raining yet. To put this into perspective, Houston on average receives 50 inches of rain a year, which we have gone well over in the past 3 days alone, along with being home to 6.5 million people. This is a disaster zone.

With the destruction and chaos that has occurred, I have compiled a list of resources for those who would like to help Houston, Baytown, Corpus Christie, Richmond/Rosenberg, Galveston, and surrounding areas. Please take a look at this list, and if you can, help out in anyway. Texas needs us.

  1. FEMA- FEMA is securing lodging and providing shelters for all victims in all affected cities. They desperately need volunteers.
  2. Hurricane Harvey Relief Exchange- Houston Blogger,Nyla of Thoughts Caught In My Fro, has created a relief exchange with Austin & Houston networks to recieve support. Please look at the Facebook page linked above for an depth list of resources, with live response from victims.
  3. Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund - Houston's Mayor has created this fund to assist with victims of Houston's dangerous flooding. All donations will be tax-deductible, and go directly to the Houston victims.
  4. Zello - Please download this app if you are in a disaster area, and need to be rescued. Local response teams are on various channels within the App. Search for the Cajun Navy and they will put you in touch with the Coast Guard or come rescue you themselves.
  5. NVOAD.org - This is a volunteer database for those who would like to sign up to go to Texas.

Secondary resources are below, for those who are close to cities affected:

If you have a flat-bottomed boat or a high-water vehicle, you are urgently needed. Call 713-881-3100.

If you are in need of immediate help from a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1.

If you are or know others in need of non-emergency help call 3-1-1 in Houston or 2-1-1 in nearby areas.

To our Naturally Curly readers in Houston and surrounding areas, we hope you are safe and we are here to support you!