NaturallyCurly has been an amazing sounding board for ALL textures out there, providing support and solutions that fit all budgets and needs! The first thing that someone notices about you is your face the second is your hair, unless your hair happens to be particularly distracting, then it is the first. From this moment you have 3 seconds to make and impression and the other person judges how they will perceive you.  I salute TextureMedia for helping make strides in how we accept ourselves and each other, by being a driving force in this world, and helping us celebrate our texture. We LOVE to take personality tests, whether Strength Finders 2.0 or Meyers Briggs. We do this to understand how we are created and to give ourselves "permission" to BE who we are designed to be. NaturallyCurly has helped to bring Texture front and center in media both written and online. Accepting and celebrating our texture is the truest sense of self acceptance. Give yourself permission to truly step into who you are created to be! Since I have been in the curly industry I have seen the community grow in leaps and bounds; and not only that, but the public perception of curly hair has come a long way too. Here are the 5 top advances I have seen in the curly world. 

We've Come So Far!

  1. Acceptance

    My girls are growing up KNOWING that they are beautiful just the way they are created, I NEVER felt that growing up.

  2. Conditioning

    There are so many more options than before, and there is an understanding that my texture needs more moisture and that's ok!

  3. Shampooing

    This one's HUGE, no one ever told me don't shampoo every day! did I mention I'm a clean freak, this one was hard for me.

  4. Cutting

    There are more techniques available,  I went around looking like a boy the first 17 years of my life!

  5. Product Development

    There are so many more options, natural is so important to me, your skin is your largest organ and you absorb 60% of what you put on it!

But We Still Have Work To Do

Despite the great advances we've made, I believe we still have a few challenges ahead of us. These are the top five hurdles that I think our community and the curly industry can still improve.

  1. Professional Settings

    In a job situation, you can be professional looking without HAVING to straighten it, I have a dear friend that is a meteorologist that was at the top of her class and was unable to get a nibble on her resume with curly hair picture, she straightened it and had 3 offers immediatley! We MUST continue to push accepting our texture in professional environments.

  2. Continuing Education

    There are NOT enough stylists that truly understand how to cut textured hair with out blowing it out straight!

  3. Hair Color

    Textured hair can be more fragile, some of the color lines/techniques are too harsh.

  4. Hair Accessories

    I still struggle with finding good accessories that don't damage my hair and are cute.

  5. Celebrity Media

    UGH! This one really bugs me, there are so many celebrities that actually have textured hair that was once BEAUTIFUL, but they choose to straighten, flat iron and abuse their hair.  Oh how I would love to see those beautiful influential celebrities embrace their texture and really make a positive change in so many lives and self-confidence, the other causes they get behind are nice, but I would love to see this change.

I LOVE  and am so grateful for this community for myself and my kids!  Thank you guys!!!

Embrace your natural beauty,


Founder of MopTop