For my entire childhood and into my early adult life, the hair in the center of my head was always drier, thinner, coarser, frizzier, more tender and shorter then the rest of my hair. I would go to hair salons and stylist would immediately comment on the difference of my hair texture in the center of my head but would offer nothing more to help the problem aside from an emergency deep conditioning.

As I became more receptive to natural hair care and healthy hair care practice (which has grown into a full blown obsession”>, I began doing some research into how to treat “problem spots.” After some trial and error, I can honestly say that the center of my head is now healthier than it has ever been in my entire life. It is softer, fuller and longer than it has ever been. Here are some techniques and information about how to handle your own “problem spots” that have helped me on my journey.

The Symptoms

How You Know You Have A Problematic Center (You do not have to suffer from all listed to qualify”>.
  1. While the rest of your hair grows and retains length, the middle of your hair remains the same length.
  2. The center of your head tends to be more itchy, flakey and tender to the touch and during styling then the rest of your hair.
  3. The texture in the center is generally more coarse, drier and holds little to no curl pattern in comparison to the rest of your surrounding hair.
  4. It causes you bouts of insecurity, fear to wear your hair down and out, constant product consumption in the attempt to “fix” this issue and inability to wear your hair in certain styles because of the dramatic length difference of your hair.

The Causes

  1. The hair in the center of your head is simply a different texture then the rest of your hair therefore demands different hair care practices.
  2. You are suffering from heat damage.
  3. Your style choices as well as hair care practices are affecting the area negatively.
  4. That area is under-nourished and under-moisturized.

Ways to Treat Your Problematic Center

1. Finger Detangle

Come to the realization that the hair in your center is simply a different texture than the rest. Just because it is thinner or more coarse does not make it a death sentence. It requires you treat it more attentively and gently. The troublesome area should become where your attention is focused rather than the bothersome afterthought. A gentle habit to consider is always finger detangling rather than raking a comb through your hair.

2. Moisturize

If you are suffering from extreme dryness make sure your moisturizing regime is solid. Look for a leave in conditioner that is best for your area that is suffering the worst which is the minority rather than focusing on the benefits of the majority of your hair. Remember that moisturizing is a two step process; moisture first and sealing second.

3. Camouflage

Heat damage will always wreck havoc on your hair. The damage will occur on the most vulnerable areas of the hair. For most that is the center and sides of the head. There is very little that can be done once heat damage occurs. Once your hair is damaged – the curl is gone. Your greatest skill to master while waiting for your hair to grow out is camouflage. Twist outs, braid outs, rod sets etc are great. If you are a wash and go kind of girl, I suggest while your hair is wet, two strand twist the “problem area”. Once your surrounding hair is dry, take down the twists making sure not to touch them too much and allow them to dry while still keeping the curly form. They will blend in quite naturally with the rest of your curls.

4. Hot Oil

If your center is more itchy, flakey and tender to the touch, regularly apply hot oil treatments infused with rosemary and tea tree oil to combat the ach and flake. Massage the area nightly as well to bring blood flow and relieve tension. Lastly, no matter how cute the style, if it hurts your head then you have to stop rockin’ it.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

In my discoveries, I found that aloe vera juice was the best nutrient in helping to bring my deprived center hair back to life. Aloe vera is really moisturizing and helps to seal cuticles that are damaged and frayed. If your hair in the center is dry and brittle and moisture just goes out as quickly as it goes in then go buy yourself some 100% PURE ALOE VERA JUICE. Mix it with your favorite leave in conditioner and apply it directly to your hair. (Don’t forget to seal with an oil!”> After consistent use (2-3 months”> you will see a drastic difference!

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