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Why use a hair drying diffuser?

Personally, I usually always choose to use my hair dryer diffuser over letting my curls air drying them; I don't like the feeling of wet hair clinging to my skin for a long period of time. Therefore, I prefer to have my hair dry faster. Since my hair is shorter, it takes me less time to diffuse compared to if I had longer hair. If you are like me and like to diffuse, there is a proper way to do it. While using a hair dryer diffuser seems straightforward, you can diffuse incorrectly, too. Diffusing incorrectly can cause unwanted frizz, loss of curl shape, and dried out strands. Diffusing correctly, on the other hand, can leave your curls defined, volumized, and looking fabulous. Here are 5 tips for achieving curl diffusing gold.

Tip 1: Prep!

When you are getting ready to diffuse, apply your favorite leave-in and styling product first. The leave in will help to keep your curls moisturized and soft, while the styling gel will help to keep your curl shape intact through the drying process. For styling, I apply my favorite BounceCurl Light Creme Gel and my Ouidad Mongongo Oil as a leave-in.

Tip 2: Air dry for a bit first!

For the best results, it's best to let your curls be about 70% dry before diffusing. This minimizes your drying time and allows your products to soak in as well as encourages them to have more volume when you do diffuse. When diffusing your hair when it's wet -- while that works -- you do have to use the diffuser on your hair for a longer period of time. I find that you also don't get nearly as great volume as you do when you let your curls slightly air dry.

Tip 3: Set your temperature and air flow!

When you are getting ready to diffuse, setting your dryer to the right temperature and air flow, is crucial. When I set my diffuser, I set it to a high heat temperature -- for a faster drying process -- but on the low air flow setting (to control frizz). Setting my dryer this way, allows me to have more control over frizz while allowing my curls to dry in a timely fashion. If frizz is something that really bothers you, you can always set it to a cool temperature. I like to embrace and love my frizz, so I find that high heat works better for my curl pattern.

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Tip 4: Change your hair position!

This ensures for an even drying process. Take the diffuser and gently raise it up so your curls collect in the bowl. Continue raising it up until you are touching your scalp, leave it there for about 10 seconds, and repeat all over your head. Flip your hair in different directions throughout as well for a balanced drying process (Ex. upside down, sideways).

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Tip 5: Fluff, fluff, fluff!

After diffusing, if you are still wanting your curls to be even more volumized, gently take your hands and shake your curls at the roots for enhanced life. You can also use a hair pick to achieve the same effect.

How do you prefer to dry your curls?

Let me know in the comment section below!

nina diffuser 3 650x650

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