Do you suffer from HIH? HIH is commonly known as hand in hair syndrome. Are you constantly playing in your hair or going to the bathroom every hour to check and see if your hair is still intact? If so, then my friend you have a case of hand in hair syndrome. Maybe you’re nervous or even just bored. You are probably questioning why this absent-minded habit that many of us have matters. Well, HIH can hurt your hair more than it can help it. If you constantly touch and play in your hair, it can lead to breakage – and nobody wants to hear that word. This is definitely not a good habit and can cause problems in the future like single strand knots, split ends, and tangles. The good news is there are ways to help you keep your hands out of your hair.

Get a protective style

This is probably the best thing that you can do to keep your hands out of your hair. Protective styling offers the ability to keep your strands tucked away. You will not be able to mess with your actual hair while in a protective style. Give your hair a break and install a cute protective style. A few good protective styles to try are Marley twists and crochet braids.

Wear low manipulation styles

Low manipulation styles like mini twists, buns, and halo braids are also a really good option to avoid putting your hands in your hair. One simple style we love is this halo braid.

Rock an updo

Updos are another style that can help to keep your hands at bay. There are so many cute updo styles that you can create, and they also can last a few weeks. Check out these super cute updo inspirations.

Wear a head wrap

Head scarves are a stylish means of keeping your hands out of your hair. Learning how to wrap your hair can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you might get addicted. Check out these super cute head wrap styles for some fierce inspiration.

Get your mind (and hands”> on something else

Prevent idle hands by focusing on something else. Try to engage in activities that keep your hands busy such as exercising, writing, cooking, or whatever hobby rejuvenates you. Personally, cleaning is my way of getting my mind off of things when I find myself touching my hair too much. 

Not sure if you have hair in hands syndrome? Take this quick quiz.

How do you prevent putting your hands in your hair?

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