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We all go through that time in the middle of the week when we contemplate whether or not to give our hair a quick, midweek wash. Your hair may feel gummy in the humid, summer weather, or maybe just sweaty after exercising at the gym. Busy schedules may mean we do not have the luxury of spending an extra hour cleansing our hair during the week, so it is always handy to have a few tricks up our sleeve to refresh our hair without wetting it.

1. Loosen your hair tie

This is the simplest and most straightforward trick in the book. There is nothing quite as good as loosening my hair tie after wearing it in a bun for the day. While I like to style my hair in a low manipulation style for the week, I have found that giving my hair a little break is sometimes all I need. When I loosen my roll and tuck or flat-twist, I take time to fluff out my roots as well. I have found that this aids circulation to my scalp. After a couple of hours aerating my roots, I style my hair again and it feels as good as new.

2. Cleanse your scalp with diluted lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of nature’s treats, I tell you! I use it in many of my daily activities, be it cleaning stubborn stains or even flavoring dishes; I have also found it to be really beneficial for my hair. To refresh my hair with lemon juice, I simply add a teaspoonful to half a cup of water. I then use a cotton pad to dab the solution on my scalp. Diluted lemon juice is slightly acidic, which favors the natural pH of our hair.

3. Smooth aloe vera juice on the length of your hair

Like lemon juice, aloe vera juice is another one of nature’s power foods that is beneficial to the health of our hair when applied topically. To refresh your hair with aloe vera juice, simply pour a teaspoonful onto your palm and dab it along the length of your hair. Make sure to gently smooth it into your hair from root to tip. Aloe vera juice is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, and high in water content, so if your hair is feeling really crunchy, this may be the way to add some life to your strands.

4. Apply a hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatments are a fantastic way to increase blood circulation to your scalp. I have found them not only beneficial to the overall health of my hair but also really relaxing. Now who does not like a home-spa to soothe some after-work nerves? To refresh your hair using a hot oil treatment, simply reach for your favorite virgin, 100% cold pressed oil (you may choose to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you like”>. Heat the oil in the microwave until warm to the touch and apply to your scalp, rubbing in a circular motion with your fingers. Pure heaven! Your hair will have added luster and you will feel super relaxed. Can’t be mad about that!

If hot oil treatments are a new addition to your regimen, these are the top 5 oils for hot oil treatments.

How do you refresh your hair without wetting it? Leave us a note down below, we’d love to know!

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