The Afro pick is making a major comeback. Many women do not dare grab one in fear that it results in breakage and frizz; however, it can help you achieve the illusion of fuller and thicker hair while reducing frizz on a wash-and-go or twist-out.

Start with washed, 100% dry hair. Select preferred frizz-free areas that need more volume.

There are certain spots women do not prefer their hair to be frizzy. not pick the areas of hair around the temples (baby hairs). Instead, separate hair by using sectioning clips.

Grab your desired hair pick

There are two types of Afro picks: plastic and metal ones. Some curlies prefer the metal ones, because of the thickness of their hair. However, using the plastic ones might be more comfortable because the teeth of the pick are softer and won't snag on your curls.

Bow down your head and pick from the roots

When picking you should not comb your hair from roots to ends. Only comb from the roots up to 2cm to 3cm down. Consequently, your roots will frizz and this will result in more volume.

Shake your hair and pick around your crown area

The last step consists of adding some volume to the areas you missed when holding your head down. Add the desired amount of volume and you are done!

How do you add volume to your hair? Do not forget to share with us!

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