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Many of us love how defined and shiny our hair looks when it’s wet, but then our hair dries and it transforms into a completely different look. Dryness, frizz, loss of definition, and crunch are mortal enemies of curly hair, so Merian, aka @MisMmo on Instagram, set out to battle all of these issues when she created the Bounce Curl Light Gel Creme with aloe. Merian says “The list of products that I tried to use were endless. I became frustrated with all the unsuccessful harsh products I was using, so I decided to create my own.”

If you’ve seen the love around this product on Instagram, then you’ll be excited to learn that Merian has added new ingredients  for extra moisture. Nourishing ingredients like hydrolyzed jojoba esters, jojoba esters, nigella sativa (black seed oil”>, and Boswellia carterii oil have been added to the lightweight gel formula, while still leaving out parabens, sulfates, and silicones. She’s particularly excited about the black seed oil as it’s a Middle Eastern ingredient that she and her family used growing up.

How to apply Bounce Curl to reduce frizz

Products are not solely responsible for frizz free curls. Technique is just as important as the product, especially when the product was formulated with a specific application in mind. This is the best way to apply Bounce Curl Light Gel Creme.

Step 1. Start with soaking wet hair

This is important because the product will soak up some of the water. To keep from getting water everywhere, you may want to lay a towel over your shoulders or on your counter top to catch the water.

Step 2. Section & apply the product

Merian likes to separate her hair into three sections before applying product. You can rake the product through to evenly distribute it with your fingers, but if this disturbs your curl and breaks it up too much then just use your fingers to run the product over your hair without separating the curls. As a general rule if you have looser waves or curls then try not to rake through your hair as this may break them up, and if you have tighter curls and coils you may find that your curls and coils pop right back after raking.

Step 3. Clump

Clump your hair by grasping sections of hair in your fist and squeezing. This will prevent frizz. Watch how Merian clumps her hair below.

Step 4. Scrunch

Scrunch the section that you just clumped by placing your hand at the ends of your hair and scrunching up towards your roots. Be gentle when doing this so as not to separate the clumps or create frizz. You can also scrunch with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to absorb any excess moisture at this stage.

Step 5. Air dry or diffuse

Merian likes to diffuse because she gets better hold from this method, but some curlies report that diffusers create frizz for them. Our writer Sandra aka JustCurly says that she prevents frizz when diffusing by always switching the diffuser off “before you move to diffuse another section of your curls… turning off your diffuser to move it will prevent your curls from getting frizzy.”

Once your hair is completely dry, your curls should be defined and have soft, touchable hold. If your hair is a little too defined and you want to create volume, you can flip your head forward and use your fingers to gently loosen the curls at the roots. Both Merian and NaturallyCurly writer Hortencia, aka Stylefeen, pick their hair with a comb to create more volume.

If you have thick hair

For thick hair Merian recommends applying your leave-in conditioner or moisturizers to your hair first, then finish with the Bounce Curl gel for extra hold. Merian told us “if you feel a “squeaky” reaction when you apply the gel, that just means that the cream is not compatible with the gel. That is still ok because once your hair is dry, it will look incredible. Bounce curl is currently waiting for hair cream to finish in the lab. In the meantime, you can use your regular hair creams and combine it with Bounce Curl gel.” 

Hortencia told me she’s “actually pretty obsessed with Bounce Curl. It has a way of giving you the best definition/hold without the crunch feeling.” If you have dry hair, Hortencia suggests cocktailing it with a cream for an extra boost of moisture. She pretty much convinced me that I need to try this with this simple video on Instagram:

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Have you tried Bounce Curl? Share your thoughts on it below! 

This post is sponsored by Bounce Curl.

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