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There are so many articles explaining how the Curly Girl Method works and why it’s the best way to take care of curly hair. I want this article to focus on something different: my curly hair journey and its struggles–which includes the CG method”>. Then, I want to show you why the CG Method turned out to be perfect for my curls.

I used to believe that I would never like my natural curls.

When I first began embracing my hair, I grew frustrated of them looking great on one day but then look like a huge mess on another day. I had no clue whatsoever as to how they managed to become beautiful one minute and frizzy the other. I felt like I could literally watch my curls turn frizzy.

This is how my curls looked on a bad day:

before the curly girl method

On a good day, however, they already were quite frizz-free:

after the curly girl method

So, to GC or not to CG?

After having spent a fortune on different products designed for curly hair, I was about to give up on embracing my curls when a friend told me excitedly about DevaCurl. I had figured that I could give my curls one last chance and ordered the entire product line.

At the same time, I started searching the internet for more information about DevaCurl and came across the term Curly Girl Method. When I first read about it, I couldn’t imagine that discontinuing products with silicones and sulfates in them could really change the appearance of curls that much. I started looking for other curlies who were open to sharing their experience with this regimen–this is also how I discovered NaturallyCurly. I read the threads of users and their pre-CG photos and I was truly impressed. Motivated by some serious curl envy, I started going the Curly Girl Method route in hopes of eliminating my own frizz problems.

After having used the new sulfate and silicone-free products, I was disappointed.

I thought that my curls would look awesome right away but they didn’t! Determined not to give up, and because the online forums said that it could take a few weeks until the results get better, I kept trying. Sure enough, I started noticing some changes after 2 to 3 weeks. My curls were less frizzy and also a bit curlier. Pleased with the small progress, I decided to keep on going and to really quit straightening my curls. In the end, it took my curls a few years to fully overcome the damages of the straightening. Now, my curls are no longer highly porous.

What is your experience with the Curly Girl Method?

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