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Across the many blogs and YouTube videos we consume on a regular basis, a variety of moisture infusion methods can be found to solve the problem of chronically dry hair.

These methods range from simplistic routines of mixing honey with olive oil to trapping heat using household supplies. Two popular methods for lasting moisture are the Greenhouse Effect and the Baggy Method. Many times these two distinct methods are mistakenly used interchangeably however; they are both unique in their own respects.

What is The Baggy Method?

The purpose is to increase moisture retention and bring elasticity to the hair strands. This is done throughout the use of your own body heat, a plastic cap, and a conditioner or moisturizer. There are a few aspects of the Baggy Method that separate it from the Greenhouse Effect. The first of which is that there is an option to do the baggy method on your ends or your entire head.

Who benefits from the Baggy Method?

Some naturals may suffer from extreme dry brittle ends or a complete head of dry hair; this method is great because it can be targeted toward specific sections of the hair.

For the naturalistas that don’t exclude products non-natural products from their regimen this is for you. Another caveat to using the Baggy Method is that there is no requirement that 100% Natural products need to be used on the strands.

This method can be performed on dry hair instead of damp hair. The application of water based products and the heat generated from the Baggy Method allow for the cuticle layer to be lifted and the infusion of the moisture throughout the hair strands.

How to do The Baggy Method

  1. Apply a conditioner (leave-in or rinse out”> on clean dry hair that’s been placed in a ponytail, braid, twists or a bun.

  2. Cover the ends of the hair with a plastic processing cap or plastic wrap (adding a satin scarf to the hair allows for further trapping of body heat”>.

  3. Let the processing cap and scarf to sit on the hair for 3 to 4 hours (or overnight”>.

Unlike the Baggy Method, the Greenhouse Effect does not involve the use of moisturizers and leave in products.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Unlike the Baggy Method, the Greenhouse Effect does not involve the use of moisturizers and leave in products. The Greenhouse Effect encourages the usage of shampoos, conditioners, and other products that are 100% natural.

Who Benefits from the Greenhouse Effect?

The Greenhouse Effect is useful for naturalistas seeking to stimulate growth throughout their scalp. The purpose is to increase the natural sebum of the scalp by using body heat.

How to do The Greenhouse Effect

  1. Apply a oil blend or butter that is 100% Natural on damp hair.

  2. Place a plastic processing cap and secure it with a hair tie.

  3. Place a satin or silk bonnet over your head and allow to stay on your hair overnight.

Although many of us have varying hair goals from retaining moisture to increasing growth, these two simple methods share one long-term goal: longer natural hair. Both methods create a better environment in the scalp that combats issues of dryness and brittle strands. 

What results have you seen from using the Baggy Method or Greenhouse Effect?

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