They always say “the truth will set you free.” So it’s about time the NaturallyCurly team tells you how we really feel about curly hair.

Our deepest, darkest straight hair desires – revealed! 

Priscilla “I wish my hair was straight again, so I could spend my days worrying about whether or not the weather would ruin my thin and limp hair look (which I achieved by spending hours blow drying and flat-ironing it”>.”

Michelle “I wish I had straight hair because I really miss spending an hour every morning blowing my hair out, putting in hot rollers, plastering it with hair spray and then walking outside into the Austin humidity to see how long it takes for it to return to its natural state.”

Cristina “I wish I had straight hair so that I could curl my straight hair with a curling wand to create wavy hair, not unlike the wavy hair I already have.”

Amanda “I wish my hair was straight because clearly it is easier to manage. I thought the Indian in my family would help but I guess my hair is too nappy. How in the world will I get a job and what man will want me?”

Susonnah “I wish I had straight hair because then I could try all the amazing products made for people with straight hair! Hair spray, dry shampoo, flat irons, I want it all. And I really need some sulfates in my life.”

Jamie “I wish I had straight hair because my favorite part of my day is waking up extra early before work to make sure every strand is in place and kink free.”

Nikki “I wish I had straight hair so people would like me but never ask to touch my hair. If I had straight hair I could have been prom queen. Plus all the guys LOVE women with straight hair. It’s the best thing out there. I mean, think about it… every princess real or fiction has long straight hair. A girl can dream.”

Lori “I wish I had straight hair because as you know the saying goes, ‘people with straight hair have more fun.'”

Devri “I wish I had straight hair so I could obnoxiously swish my ponytail back and forth whenever I walk.”

Clare “I wish I had straight hair because it’s hands down the best way to wear your hair. It has so much body and character that curls cannot compete with. I feel like I stand out the most when my hair is board straight.”

Evelyn “Ah, I miss the feeling of pulling the few strands of hair I had left into a ponytail. Sure, I had relaxer burns, BUT I HAD A PONYTAIL THAT SWAYED IN THE WIND. I miss those days. This whole thriving natural hair thing? Overrated if you ask me.”

*April Fool’s! Of course we don’t wish we had straight hair.


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