Michelle BreyerPost-pin curl voluminously wavy texture

We saw a ton of pin curls popping up all over the show floor at this year's America's Beauty Show, so we asked Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules what pin curls would do for us curlies. His response? Not a whole lot. Not a whole lot to the existing curl pattern that is, but pin curls offer a safe and easy way to create a vintage-style, refined, textured coif.

“I’m really inspired by the 1970’s, which I think back on as a very inclusive time in texture,” explained Dickey. “I love Halston-esque, Bianca Jagger glam. Styles from this era provide a sophisticated interpretation of texture that work for almost any hair type!”

We had NaturallyCurly's own Michelle Breyer test out pin curls so that Dickey could show us all how to get the look at home!

How to Do Pin Curls

Michelle Breyer with her finished pin curl setMichelle with her finished pin curl set.
  1. Prep the hair. Wash and condition hair using Hair Rules Cleanser and Conditioner.
  2. Lightly dry. Do a light blow dry to partially straighten the hair.
  3. Curl it up. Use a flat iron, rather than a curling iron, to create a traditional pin curl set on a 1" section. Create a ribbon curl and then roll the section into a cylindrical shape and secure at the scalp. With a flat iron, you can both smooth and shape, reducing the amount of heat needed to create the finished style.
  4. Repeat! Repeat until the entire head is shaped and pinned.
  5. Set the curls. Let the pin curls sit for as long as you like. You can even sleep on the set!
  6. Release the pins. Gently remove the pins and use fingers to smooth the hair into place.
  7. Complete the look. Finish with hairspray, and voila, a sleek and elegant spin on a textured ‘do!

Final thoughts

Pin curls are great because they will work on any hair texture. Starting from naturally textured hair offers a great base for setting and holding a style. Be sure to check out Hair Rules' Lift Volumizing Dry Shampoo for volume and lift when creating this style!