Summer 2009

New Mom's Handbook references's children's products.

July 2009

Woman's Day references's database of curl experts.

May 2009

Lucky names one of top 5 hair-care websites.

November 10, 2008

Woman's World

November 2008


November/December 2008

Girls' Life

October 17, 2008

Family Circle

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August 2008

Justine magazine

July 22, 2008

I'm Not Obsessed

July 21, 2008

Makeup and Beauty Blog

July 21, 2008

Longview (Texas) Daily News

Jul 17–23, 2008

Time Out New York

July 17, 2008

July 16, 2008

The Life of a Ladybug

July 16, 2008

Yahoo Shine

July 15, 2008

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Celebrity Hair Styles Short Hair

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Jewish Woman

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dag adg ds

July 6, 2008

USA Weekend

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Florida Today

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June 6, 2008

No More Bad Hair Days blog

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May 25, 2008

San Francisco Chronicle

May 7, 2008

Teen Vogue blog

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Aspire Magazine

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Hair's How

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Shine on Yahoo

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15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

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Albany Times Union

April 1, 2008

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The Latte Cafe

October 17, 2007


Business Week SmallBiz

September 10, 2007


September 8, 2007

I'm There for You Baby radio show

September 2007

Ladies Home Journal

September 2007


July 2007 Glamour -- one of five sites listed under "Great Hair Info on the Web"

July 2007 Family Circle

July 2007 Self

May 21, 2007 The New York Times

May 3, 2007

April 2007

I'm There For You Baby

April 22, 2007

Philadelphia Inqurier

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March 21, 2007

The Miami Herald

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The Chicago Tribune

February 23, 2007

Austin Business Journal

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Austin American-Statesman

January 24, 2007

SIRIUS satellite radio interview with Judith Regan on The Judith Regan Show

January 2007

January 18, 2007

The New York Times

January 16, 2007

Quick & Simple

December 29, 2006

Tampa Tribune

December 26, 2006

CBS New York

December 14, 2006


November 2006

WWD Salon

December 6, 2006

Austin American-Statesman

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October 5, 2006

October 2006

Quick & Simple

August 18, 2006

Austin American-Statesman

August 13, 2006

EDGE New York

August 8, 2006

Quick & Simple

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Women's Day

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Good Housekeeping

July 2006

Oprah Magazine

June 23, 2006

Sacramento Bee

June 2, 2006

Ladue News

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Pilates Style

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Cosmo Girl

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Eyewitness News (New York)

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Beauty News

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Beauty News

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Girls' Life Magazine

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Parents Magazine

March 28, 2006

Quick & Simple

March 7, 2006

Soap Opera Weekly

February 17, 2006

The Hartford Courant

Quoted extensively in "Naturals At Curling"

January 2006

Beauty News

January 2006

Austin Monthly magazine

Feature article on and its founders

November/December 2005

Red Hat Society Lifestyle

December 15 , 2005

The Boston Globe

"Some good online resources for women with relaxed or natural hair: This site -- which contains product reviews, a store filled with products for curly hair, and discussion forums -- caters to women of all races and ethnicities with curly hair. It's well represented by women of color who wear their hair natural, use texturizers to loosen their curl, or straighten their hair with blow-dryers."

October 2005

Austin Woman magazine

Feature article on and its founders

May 19, 2005

The Dallas Morning News

"Check out, an Austin-based Web site launched in 1998 to "give girls with curls a place to get in the loop about their locks." The site sells more than 100 shampoos, conditioners and styling aids for curly hair -- complete with member reviews."

March 2005

Shop, Etc

March 2005


March 2005


March 2005


February 2005


Staying true to your texture saves you time and money. When you need a cut, find a specialist. Want help? Visit, a site devoted to ringlets and waves of all kinds, on which members post referrals to "curl-friendly" stylists (listed by state)."

February 2005


October 13, 2004

The Vancouver Province (British Columbia, Canada)

"Click on to find a great,big, happy sorority of chat, product reviews, tips, tattle, contests and interviews."

October 2004

Real Simple magazine

July 15, 2004

The Toronto Star

June 7, 2004 New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad

May, 2004

Style magazine

March, 2004

Atlanta magazine

January 15, 2004 The New York Times

January, 2004 Women's Day

November 14, 2003 Washington Post Express

November 5, 2003 Winnipeg Sun (Manitoba, Canada)

October 28, 2003 Tulsa World (Oklahoma)

September/October 2003 Beauty Launchpad

" has become a mecca for those searching for curl-friendly products, advice and support."

August 2003 Children Today

July 31, 2003 The Indianapolis Star

June 23, 2003 Modern Salon June 23, 2003 New Statesman (England)

April 11, 2003 The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)

March 23, 2003 Star-Gazette (Elmira, NY)

February, 2003 Times Colonist (Victoria, Canada)

Edmonton Journal

Windsor Star

August, 2002 Washington Magazine

July, 2002 The Arizona Republic

June 27, 2002 Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

May 21, 2002 The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec

May 1, 2002 Chicago Tribune

February 4, 2002 Time Magazine

January 24, 2002 Daily News (New York)

September 18, 2001 The State (Columbia, SC)

August, 2001 Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (twice), The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Denver Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Nashville Tennesean, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (thrice), The Times Union (Albany, NY), Chicago Sun-Times, numerous U.S. and Canadian radio stations

First for Women, November 6, 2000

Under Best Web sites:

"The right stuff for curly hair. For the most extensive A-Z guide of products for styling curly hair, log on to Then, find out which ones are worth your time and money by reading the comments made by the curly-headed girls who've personally tested each and every one.

Los Angeles Times, October 19, 2000

"If your hair has a bit more bounce to the ounce, check out Here you can find the style that best suits your face, be it round, oval, square, triangular or heart-shaped. And for those looking for less spring and more fall, the site gives hints on straightening."

People, August 7, 2000

Great article about us on their Online page. "Curly tops can celebrate their untamed tresses at . . ."

Allure, April 2000

"Curl This: Those of us born with curly hair have battled it most of our lives (the war stories alone should qualify us for a veteran's pension). Now there's a Web site,, that gives the lowdown on everything we could ever want to know about curly hair — from the newest taming products to the most complimentary eyeglasses. And for the girl who's still sadly in curl deinal, this site even details the techniques and products to get it straight and sleek."

Sugar, March 2000

"Beauty website of the month: Did you realise that the Internet's a mecca for fab beauty info? As a curly girl, I've spent the last week gathering amazing info from It's jam-packed with everything for girls with curls — great products, funny stories and top tips like this: 'Don't get lots of layers cut into your hair if it's fine; it just enourages frizziness. Have it cut blunt to keep it sleek.' So go and log on!"

Mademoiselle, February 2000 gets the nod as the place curly girls — and wannabes — should check out for styles.

National Post, January 2000

A wonderful article about us in this national newspaper in Canada.

Heart and Soul, September 1999

In a blurb about curly hair, readers are encouraged to visit

YM, August 1999

"Surf and learn how to deal with frizz feak-outs or wavy woes. Or just chat with other curly tops and share your own tried-and-true tress tips. The site will also recommend the best curl-friendly salons in your area."

American Health, June 1999

In a blurb about curly hair, the magazine advises readers, "For more curl advice, check out, a website devoted to women with waves."

Self magazine, March 1999


Don't fight your naturally curly hair – flaunt it, say the three frizzy-haired creators of the Web site NATURALLYCURLY.COM, A CLEARINGHOUSE OF TIPS, TOOLS AND PRODUCT REVIEWS. Log on and discover how to tame and shape uncooperative curls. "

And more has been mentioned on several radio shows and in several English and Canadian newspapers. ..