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New York, New York

No Hay Pelo Malo: There's no such thing as bad hair.

Stylist-owner and curl expert extraordinaire, Santa Cruz, has been making women and men look great and feel special for over 20 years. The Salon that carries her name moved to its current location in lower Midtown Manhattan in 1993 and has continued to grow in popularity, servicing a loyal and enthusiastic clientele.

Santa started her career in fashion and beauty as a runway model. Discovering a special instinct and talent for working with hair and make-up, she landed a job at Glemby International and worked her way up in management. She earned her certification as a Hair Colorist with Perma of Paris, the Parisian-based company that was a leader in hair color technology and hair education. Later, while working as a Revlon Educator Santa also became knowledgeable in relaxing and other texturing treatments and she also studied with Sassoon, Wella and other innovators in the industry.

The combination of her Puerto Rican decent and her insider's exposure to the world of fashion and beauty gave Santa a special perspective about the way so many women felt about themselves, especially in regard to their hair, It was apparent that those with curly hair often saw themselves as unattractive or at a disadvantage. While especially true for women of color, it was also true for many Caucasians who had curls, waves or kinky locks. The standard, idealized barometer for measuring beauty was sorely lacking in variety, creativity and reality. Straight blond tresses could be gorgeous, but what about the range of all the other possibilities?

Santa saw that pairing the right technique and hair type with a given texture and the correct product achieved fantastic results. Those around her who saw what she was accomplishing began to take note. Finally — someone understood and knew what to do with hair that was curly, kinky, thin, soft or coarse. Regardless of hair type, Santa made women and men look and feel beautiful. A niche was filled and Santa Cruz succeeded in establishing a beauty and grooming retreat that targeted curly hair while servicing a wide variety of people, delivering high style and quality treatments.

Along the way, Santa has built a team of styling experts to compliment her vision. The staff at Salon Santa Cruz is as diverse in their specialties as the clientele they serve.

Services we provide:

– Cuts

– Color

– Color Correction

– Highlights/Lowlights

– Hair Painting

– Perms

– Relaxers

– Japanese Straightening

– Conditioniing Scalp Treatments

– Extensions/Weaves

– Styling

– Bridal Hair and Makeup

– Photo Shoots

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