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Having moved between four continents and five countries over a span of nine years, I’m about ready to settle down in my home country, Kenya. While traveling the world has been a privilege and adventure when it comes to keeping my tresses in top shape, relocating so frequently has had its ups and downs.

On one hand, moving countries means I’ve gotten to discover new hair products and connect with naturalistas from diverse cultural backgrounds. But on the other, it has meant I've had to adjust my hair regimen rather drastically to suit changing environmental factors such as the weather, my diet, and lifestyle routine.

Temperate weather Prevents Excess Drying

However, since moving to Kenya, my hair care routine has been the best it’s possibly been ever! In fact, my hair feels like its thriving more in Kenya than it has while I’ve lived abroad. It may be that the weather in Nairobi is quite temperate. (But it may also be my momma’s good cooking!)

But in all seriousness, most days are sunny with moderate humidity so my hair is not exposed to extreme temperatures as it would have been in the United States or Australia. In Kenya, I can get away with moisturizing my hair every 2 - 3 days as opposed to daily. I also don’t have to coat my hair in heavy butters or creams to guard against extreme weather conditions.

Access to Natural, Handmade Hair Care Products

I’ve honestly been spoiled for choices when it comes to discovering new products. I’ve always ran my blog in “the diaspora” - meaning, as a student or resident in Australia or the United States - so returning to Kenyan soil has given me the chance to try out products made by fellow Kenyans.

I’ve tried shampoos, conditioners, and oils from upcoming Kenyan brands such as Fluffy Buttah, Bu.Ke Products and Jesavi. My favorite so far is Fluffy Buttah, which makes a blend of butters that is very delicately scented and perfect for sealing in moisture after wash day. I’m honestly quite impressed by the quality of the goodies I’ve tried and my hair has responded well to them.

Getting Back to the Basics of Good Hair Care

In addition, I’ve connected with naturals in Kenya - many of whom are really passionate about their hair care. They’ve let me in on their favorite hair tips and motivated me on my hair journey. In fact, they’ve reminded me to get back to the basics of my natural hair journey - the most important of which has been protective styling. I’ve been rocking my kinks and coils in two strand twists that I wear for up to four weeks at a time.

Many Kenyans are becoming more appreciative of a natural aesthetic so it’s a lot easier than it has been in years to confidently wear out my natural hair. The natural hair community in Kenya is thriving and growing. I’m excited to be part of this revolution and I can’t wait to see where my hair journey leads!

Have you been traveling this Summer and had to adjust your hair regimen? Share your experience with us below.

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