Your journey to natural can be very rewarding, trying, and fun all at the same time. I never imagined I would meet and connect with other women over our natural hair. It’s fascinating that natural hair can bring women together no matter where they reside in the country. I love all my curlfriends, and think there are multiple reasons it’s worth fostering that community.

To Share Advice

Going natural can be a very stressful, especially with the copious amounts of information online. You can easily get overwhelmed searching the web, reading different blogs, and watching YouTube videos for the best information on products, maintenance, and styling. Having other women to connect to give and receive advice is very helpful. You will be surprised who you can connect with over social media just by reaching out and asking a question about hair.

Product Swaps

Having product swaps can prevent you from becoming a product junkie; at least this is a true story for me. When I first went natural, I held a natural hair meetup in my best friend’s living room. We invited all of our friends who were natural and told them to bring products that didn’t work for them. You can try out new products that you have been eyeing, which your girlfriend wants to get rid of.

Natural Hair Events

Natural hair events happen all over the country and are a good resource for so many natural women. I would always hear about natural hair events in different cities, but I never had anyone to go with. All my friends and family didn’t want to go along with me, because they had no interest in natural hair at all, so I connected with a few of my curlfriends and began to travel to the different natural hair events. It’s so much fun to attend natural hair events, visit all the vendors, and meet new natural-haired women. Also, if you are considering becoming a blogger, it’s also a great place to network.

For Support

I would never have thought that a group of women who I met through social media would later become genuine friends. Having other women for support through your natural hair journey can be very helpful. From tips and tricks to girl talk, my curlfriends have been there for me. I also found that outside of natural hair, I was able to connect with my curlfriends and form a bond and a tribe. Having women who support you, help you, and stand behind you is amazing.

What is your experience with having curlfriends? Do you think it is possible to form friendships over natural hair?

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