Keeping hair moisturized every single day can be challenging. As we see our summer fade away and fall take over, the moisture challenge may become greater due to the change in temperature. Outside of changing products for each new season, there are other ways to keep hair fully moisturized and healthy year-round. NaturallyCurly reader Mkd94 went to Curly Q&A to ask for help with keeping her hair moisturized as she transitions. 


Why does my hair still feel dry after moisturizing daily?

I’ve been transitioning for a little over a year. Every time I wash, condition and moisturize my hair I notice that it still feels dry. I use water every day to moisturize my hair and either coconut or olive oil to seal.


There can be a few reasons as to why your hair remains dry even though you moisturize daily. Here are a few reasons you are experiencing dryness and how to fix it.

Are you deep conditioning?

You did not specify if you were using a deep conditioner on wash day and that can be a simple fix to a recurring problem. Deep conditioners fortify the hair with moisture or protein by penetrating the hair shaft. Many experiencing dry hair regularly may just be in need of a deep conditioning treatment, and the best way to stave off dryness and damage is to deep condition on every wash day.

It may be time to clarify

Often when we feel our hair is coated, dull, or just not feeling moisturized, it has to do with product buildup that needs to be removed. While we may be washing diligently weekly or whenever needed, if you are not using a clarifying shampoo from time to time, you may be creating the problem. A clarifying shampoo will remove all the pollutants, dirt, and products that often get left behind with just a shampoo or cleansing conditioner. Many ingredients like silicones or heavier oils will just sit on the hair, and if not removed, all your efforts of moisturizing will be in vain.

It may be time to try new products

I know you love water and coconut oil, but your hair may need more moisture. Products for curly hair should maintain and impart moisture on and between wash days. Their formulas contain herbal mixes, butters, and oils that not only help with hydration, but will also tame frizz and seal in the moisture. Oyin Hair Dew Daily Hair Quenching Lotion works great for refreshing my coils. Check out the 7 Best Moisturizers for Fine Curly Hair and The 15 Best Moisturizing Products for Coarse, Dry Hair.

Does your washday need tweaking?

Wash day is essential to combatting dryness. Make sure to fully detangle your hair before or after you cleanse. Cleanse to thoroughly remove all the buildup, deep condition, and apply your styler. Take your time on wash day and know that if some products are not working, it may be time to try others.

LOC or LCO method?

Something as simple as how you layer your products can be the cause for not giving your hair the required moisture you feel it needs. Many opt for the LOC (liquid+oil+cream”> method to moisturize, but there is also the LCO method that many prefer. Honestly, either method is moisturizing as long as water is applied first. Try both methods to determine which one you prefer and that may offer some help.

How do you combat unrelenting dryness?

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