When I first started my natural hair journey, I was more than happy to spend countless hours tending to my strands. I transitioned for a few months and my hair was about 3 inches long by the time I big chopped. Wash day was a breeze and I loved every aspect of my natural hair journey.

Fast forward to two years later. My hair care routine became a lot more stressful than it used to be. If this experience sounds all too familiar to you, don’t worry, I’ve been in your shoes.

Here are three major reasons your hair journey has become tedious:

Your hair is longer

I have about 20 inches of coily, type 4 hair. Long gone are the days when my wash day routine would take two to three hours from start to finish. With longer hair, I’m finding that every step of my regimen takes longer. Now I need to carve out at least four hours to fully tend to my hair. I’ve made accommodations for the fact that my hair, at its length, needs more time and care.

As your hair grows longer, you’ll need to adjust your time expectations.

You’re no longer inspired

When I first went natural, I followed dozens of bloggers and vloggers. I literally drooled over fat, juicy fros and twists all day long. Natural hair was life. However, as I got more accustomed to my coils and kinks, I stopped seeking out curlfriends with whom to share tips and tricks. The more I isolated myself from the natural hair community, the less I cared for my hair.

Over the years, I’ve found that engaging with other naturals not only allows me to keep abreast with the latest techniques in hair care, it also inspires me to nurture my mane.

Life has changed

Maybe you’re a new mum or like me, you’ve just started a new career. Needless to emphasize, life has become a lot busier. You’re caught between running errands, catching up with friends and family, and adjusting to your new role and responsibilities.

Trust me, I understand how drastic life changes can leave one with little time to care for their hair. Here’s what I’d suggest: simplify your hair care regimen. Rather than a 24-step process with thirty different products, keep it basic. Cleanse, deep condition, rinse, seal, and protective style. Do what you can to keep your hair healthy without going crazy.

Is your natural hair journey stressful? If so, in what way? How are you adjusting your hair care practices?