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Feel that chill in the air? It’s fall, curlies!

Even the warmer states and regions are feeling the cooler breezes now. But now that it’s time to break out the coordinated layers and cute scarves, have you considered that your hair care should be transitioning with your wardrobe?

For a hair care routine to be effective, it has to be adjusted based on the changing seasons. Your curls won’t need the same things year-round, and failing to make changes can lead to your locks not getting what they really need to stay healthy and beautiful! We’ve got you though. Here are a few key tips for transitioning your haircare from summer to fall to ensure you’re rocking your best curls, no matter the weather!

Ease up on humectants and daily lotions

In the summer, you need extra humectants to lock in that moisture, but the air in the fall tends to dry out a little. Remember, water molecules move from low volume to high volume, so the wetter the air, the dryer your hair! Since fall flips the script, you naturally need fewer humectants to coat the cuticle of the hair. HOWEVER, while you might not need as much humectant product in your arseneal, moisture is still important! Don’t even think about ignoring moisturizing routines altogether (we know you weren’t, but still“>. Try easing up on the hair creams and lotions if you tend to reach for them on a daily basis, and sub in a weekly deep moisturizing mask to keep your hair hydrated.

A few good products for performing weekly treatments include TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask, Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Curl-Defining Moisture Mask, or EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Hair Masque.

You might even feel like getting fancy and doing a face mask while your hair sits! Curl glow and skin glow are perfect fall coordinates, after all.

Take time to trim

Fall is a great time to watch leaves shed, but not so much any broken strands! Take the time to evaluate the tips of your curls for any split ends or damage that needs to make like a tree and LEAF, then dust/trim/cut accordingly. Seasonally speaking, since winter is traditionally the time to put your hair in protective styles with the goal of deep hydration, it makes sense to make fall your usual trim time. This means hair will be healthy and ready for the winter of protective styles and extra moisturizing treatments.

Let it all out

If you want to have your curls really shine before putting them up for the colder months ahead, now’s the time for them to take center stage… yes, even more than usual. With summer, the goal is usually to keep your hair up, protected, and out of your face since the hairstyle heat trap struggle is so real. But with cooler weather and less threat of humidity-causing frizz, fully ‘out’ looks are a great choice for fall! Just make sure you’re keeping up with the shorter daylight hours for optimal selfie sharing.

Clarify your hair after summer

This is important if you spent a lot of time enjoying the sun, sand, and surf of summer time. Remember how much you were moisturizing those curls in the heat, protecting them from the sun, and re-upping your leave-ins once you got out of the pool? You actually can have too much of a good thing if all that product has layered itself in your strands. Start fall off without build-up left over from summer fun, and get that slate nice and clean! And if you’re in search of a few great clarifying products, check out Mop Top Clarifying Rescue Treatment, CURLS Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo, and As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo!

Seasons come and seasons go, but great hair in transitioning from one to the next never has to change…even if your routine does.

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