Veteran curl expert and bridal hair specialist Joseph Borokhov chatted with us recently to offer advice on creating wedding-worthy curls.

“Essentially, it’s all about respecting the curl.” said Borokhov. He explainied that some of his clients feel like their hair has had a “face lift” when they’ve gotten updos for special occasions in the past.

The former Devachan stylist has honed his skill under the expertise of Lorraine Massey, founder of Devachan, and now specializing in bridal hair for curly girls. His business is aptly named New York Curly Brides.


Two salon locations later, both he and business partner, Mark Borukhov, have become THE go-to for women in the City on their big day.“The biggest problem was clients coming in who couldn’t find anything online as far as a gallery to show their stylists.” Borokhov explains. “More than anything, I wanted to create something that gave curly brides options.”

The renowned curl expert has built a gallery of gorgeous naturally curly updos, helping all textured brides-to-be find their go-to look.

“I like to play on patterns and decorate the hair. The biggest thing is that people want to look like themselves.”

But, what are women supposed to do once they leave the salon, end the honeymoon and head home? Borokhov gave us his tips on getting salon perfect curls at home

  1. Cleanse the hair  massaging it in a circular motion using the DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser followed by DevaCurl One Conditioner.
  2. Detangle the hair using fingers only,  and squeeze out excess moisture by scrunching the curls. DO NOT touch your curls while they are drying. This only increases frizz.
  3. Tilt your head forward  (putting a towel on the floor underneath helps minimize puddles on the floor), and apply an even distribution of DevaCurl AnGel.
  4. Once hair is completely dry (using diffuser), flip hair forward and break up dry curls to encourage volume