A keratin treatment strengthens the hair by repairing damaged strands, eliminating frizz, and preventing breakage. After receiving the treatment, hair is meant to be easier to manage for straight styles. The usage of keratin in hair products comes with constant back-and-forth within the natural hair community, as it temporarily alters the texture of hair to become straighter. Regardless, many curlies enjoy the strengthening benefits of this protein (which is naturally already in your hair”>.

A stylist puts the treatment in and flat irons the hair, keeping the new cuticle fibers in their place. The salon process usually takes about 90 minutes. Keratin works best on those with excessive heat and/or chemical damage because  it can fill gaps in the hair cuticle with its amino acids.

The pros

  • It will eliminate frizz, even in light rainy conditions
  • Your hair will be softer and shinier than it was before
  • Keratin strengthens the hair shaft

The cons

  • Keratin treatment upkeep can be expensive, as it needs to be touched up every couple of months.
  • You must wait a few days before cleansing your hair. So if you’re outside in the elements, the build-up in your scalp and odors will be less than pleasant. But you cannot wash.
  • The long-term effects of keratin treatments can do more harm than good to your hair cuticle, causing the very damage it was intended to repair.

To sum it up

If your hair is extremely damaged, a keratin treatment might help revitalize it. However, after you do it to your hair multiple times your hair will begin to feel over-processed (much like a chemical relaxer”> and the products might undo all of the good they have done. So if you feel that a keratin treatment will be beneficial to your hair’s health, be sure to get it done at a reputable salon and try to only do it once or twice so it does not begin doing damage to your hair.

Want more?

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Product recommendations

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