old and new devacurl one condition
Pictured: DevaCurl One Condition old and new labeling

Once Upon a Time…

…20-something years ago, a NYC hair stylist Lorraine Massey brought about a revolutionary hair care handbook called “Curly Girl: The Handbook,” and along with it, created DevaCurl, a hair care line designed to make all those with different textures look and feel gorgeous. We credit Lorraine for many well-established curly terms like, “no-poo” (no lather shampoo) and “co-poo” (washing hair using only a conditioner).

Wait -- did I just read that correctly? No shampoo!? Isn’t a rich soapy lather what gets your hair clean?

Lorraine rocked our world by out-smarting traditional hair conventions, and challenged us to stick to the curly girl commandments, avoiding non-water soluble silicones, sulfates, wet haircuts, brushing and even blow-drying. Eagerly, we held onto the hope that her advice, tips and products would help us. In the dark for so long, it was high time for this liquid gold! It's clear DevaCurl products have been Holy Grails for many members of the curly community for years, so when DevaCurl started changing things up with new labels and new products this year, the community had questions!

What's going on at DevaCurl?

If you’ve seen any news from DevaCurl recently, you may be excited for new product additions or nervous about cha-cha-changes. Have no fear – many products just received a new look or a name change to better assist us in finding the best products for our needs. While the labels of your old favorites may be different, Dana Epstein, DevaCurl's Director of Communications assured us the tried and true formulas are not. She told NaturallyCurly "All of our existing formulas have remained the same. The only thing that has changed is our packaging to provide an easier, more simple shopping experience. Our new user friendly labels feature specific details about each product including ingredients, benefits and usage to help consumers better navigate the selection process. " So fear not, the original formulas have not changed, but they have added new products to their lineup. New products are now broken up into 3 categories: wavy, curly, and super curly.

new devacurl products wave maker, styling cream, supercream

Wavy -- "Delight"

The Delight Low-Poo and Delight One Conditioner duo were created to provide volume and a degree of lighter moisture for those with wavy hair. Additionally, the Wave Maker (Touchable Texture Whip) is a feather soft styling formula that keeps working for your hair. Check out one of our contributor’s thoughts on this set. NaturallyCurly contributor Diane Mary loves Wave Maker for its keen ability to create soft and shiny definition for her waves, and even added it to her Holy Grail list. NaturallyCurly editor Cristina agrees with Diane Mary, the Wave Maker is her new go-to for light, touchable definition that can be refreshed on day 3 and day 4 without looking weighed down. Read Diane Mary's full review of the Delight Low-Poo, One Condition and Wave Maker here.

Curly -- "Original"

DevaCurl’s classic One Condition set a new standard for curly girls everywhere. Lorraine’s intention was to keep her hair care line as simple as possible, she named this particular conditioner “ONE” because it was designed to do-it-all if necessary: co-wash, condition, deep condition, and leave-in.  And why is it known as a classic? With its numerous high mentions and 5-star reviews from stylists, beauty bloggers and magazines, the NaturallyCurly community has also awarded DevaCurl One Condition with a Best of the Best Award for the last two years running, and it received the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Multi-Use Product in 2016. The Styling Cream is added to this category which provides bounce and frizz control while banishing the crunch.

Super Curly -- "Decadence"

The DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence is a zero-lathering cleanser while the One Condition Decadence is a mega-hydrating conditioner that understands the intense need for moisture from super curly curls. The Supercream Coconut Curl Styler is a styler that allows for defined curls no matter the style. NaturallyCurly editor Devri Velazquez loves Supercream, in her review she shared that Supercream created long-lasting, super soft, and frizz-free definition on her type 3c curls. NaturallyCurly's Video Manager Evelyn says No-Poo Decadence is "probably the thickest cleanser I've ever used that actually cleanses my hair and scalp. The fact that I can finger detangle with it = game changer" for her type 4b coils. She also liked that the One Condition Decadence left her hair "so soft I don't need a leave-in, which is great because the Supercream is so moisturizing, it doubles as a leave-in anyway. A+!" Read the NaturallyCurly's team's reviews of the whole Decadence line here.

We wanted to get to the bottom of the changes happening at DevaCurl, so we decided to chat with Megan Streeter, the Chief Marketing Officer of DevaCurl about the motivation behind these modifications.

DevaCurl's curly hair care line seems to be more hair type specific now, tagging each product for use with wavy, curly and super curly textures. What brought about these changes?

MS: As a curly hair brand, our heritage has always been to cater to the traditional curly girl and to help women love their curls. Natural texture isn’t a trend, it’s a way of life, and we’re thrilled that so many women are continuing to embrace the hair they were born with. There’s no denying that the curl presence in so many variations is unapologetically here and stronger than ever before. In fact, 65% of the population has texture in their hair but texture doesn’t just mean curls. Texture also refers to wavy hair and super curly hair and we knew we were not servicing this part of the market.

Texture also refers to wavy hair and super curly hair and we knew we were not servicing this part of the market.

Both wavy and super curly consumers frequently misunderstand their own curl's potential. Many girls with wavy hair do not identify as curly, but “just frizzy.” They need weightless moisture for more manageability, allowing them to wear a variety of styles that complement their individual pattern without being burdened by a huge time commitment. At the other end of the curl type is the super curly consumer—those with a tighter curl pattern. The super curly girl often has very dehydrated hair and needs products with even more moisture by way of super-charged formulas packed with intensely hydrating ingredients to create the foundation for healthy hair. While listening to our clients during our interaction at the salon and on our social platforms it became increasingly obvious that we had a major opportunity. One of our key tenets as a brand is to listen and cater to your needs first and foremost.

What sets DevaCurl apart from the rest?

MS: Our mission statement begins with “Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life.” DevaCurl is always at the heart of the curly conversation. We’re here to listen, support and celebrate curly girls every day, in every way. We do that in our salons with education and by teaching her how to care for her curls; we do that with our products that help her create beautiful curls she can count on; and we do that with our social platforms and our blog where we highlight beautiful curly girls who help other curly girls embrace their natural beauty. Across all fronts, being a brand that truly listens enables us to provide our expertise to help her find solutions.

What is your favorite new or classic DevaCurl product and why?

MS: The DevaCurl Celebrate Wavy Holiday Kit, which includes Delight Low-Poo, Delight One Condition and Wave Maker! Being a wavy girl myself these products are my new go-to hair care regimen. I love the scent and performance of all three. Like everyone, life is busy and these three products together allow me to walk out the door feeling great. My hair looks and feels moisturized and my natural wave is enhanced so that I don't need to blow dry.

It's giveaway time!

Do you like this more specific approach to DevaCurl products? Have you tried the products, and if so did you like them?

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