Models at Texture on the Runway

The team is back and the word is in: "Texture on the Runway" was AMAZING, and went above and beyond all expectations! Unfortunately for your content editor here, as well as for most of you, the event was just a few miles too far away (1,748.7 miles to be exact, but who’s counting?).

Thankfully, a live Twitter stream kept us updated to the goings-on at the event. From interviews with Kim Coles to pictures with the textured models, those in attendance made sure that those of us outside the invite-only event felt like we got an invite.

Of course if you missed the "Texture on the Runway" event AND the Twitter feed, not to fear! This editor was up all night watching the stream, downloading the photos and getting ready to write this EXACT post for y’all!

So to recap, here are the moments that had me saying, “Dang, why am I NOT there?!”

Kim Coles was there, and everyone loved her!

Kim Coles

@kimcoles is here!!! #teamnatural #texturerunway

@kimcoles absolutely breath taking

Talking to the lovely @kimcoles #texturerunway

She is too lovely for words!! #texturerunway

The lovely @kimcoles and Cassidy with texture Media

@Alexis and I with @kimcoles at the #texturerunway event. She's the first celeb to start a # @ City Winery

I just met the lovely @kimcoles. You're so beautiful! #texturerunway

@kimcoles she's so AMAZING #texturerunway thank you for allowing me to meet such a beautiful & talented female!

When Kim Coles says you're giving a goddess look you know you're doing something right. Now if only my hair would dry #texturerunway

People were having a BLAST getting ready!

Taren Guy at Texture on the Runway

Getting snowed on in NYC. Guess I'll retwist my hair for Texture on the Runway #texturerunway. Glad I'm natural! #teamnatural #naturalhair

#Texturerunway prep is in progress!! And the clothes are fabulous!

At the @arrojo Salon getting my hair did!! Lol for #texturerunway of course!

Mini @curls_unleashed #texturerunway setting it up, getting @afrobella to look more beautiful then she already is

@bethminardi is making #texturerunway hot!

Models are getting dressed! Even the accessories are textured!#texturerunway

@matrixfamily working the hair & outfit for #texturerunway

Preppin for #TextureontheRunway w/ @HairRules. I just saw @kimcoles#friendly. 40ft. Runway!! This is gonna be MAJOR! #fashionWeek2012

Hair was the SOUL focus!

Big fro at Texture on the Runway

Backstage at #texturerunway its all shoes and clothes steaming and big gorgeous hair”

@hairrules is about showing texture on the runway, something that's not been done at all in the past #texturerunway #lookingforwardtoit

Michelle of @naturallycurly is making a statement with her #curls for#texturerunway thanks to @arroojo

What don't u do? Stephen Wang of @minardicolor is incredible with all textures! Go #naturalhair on #texturerunway

So much beautiful natural hair! #texturerunway

Seeing all these artists do their magic on these models is breath taking!#texturerunway

Now this is gorg texture+color! @naturallycurly thx 2 @MinardiColor &#texturerunway

Everyone was just excited in general!

I'm so excited about #texturerunway I kept waking up thinking I missed it. Lol

I wish I was in NYC for #nyfw but mostly for #texturerunway via— @DiamondsCurls

I'm soooooo excited about #texturerunway tonight!!!! I seriously can't think about anything else!!!

#texturerunway is bringing the curly community of fashionistas together today!

seeing all this #texturerunway is getting me excited!! can't wait to see it all in action tonight

If you're on Twitter, #texturerunway will get you lots of great pics and info about what's happening at our NY Fashion Week event.

Excited to check out #texturerunway ! See what I'm talking about

Soon Soon Soon #texturerunway

Can't wait for Texture on The Runway fashion show to start at 7 p.m.#texturerunway #teamnaturalhair

Then there was the Whitney tribute:

We r honoring Whitney @ #texturerunway

Honoring the late miss houston @citywinerynyc #texturerunway#howwilliknow

I'm still at #texturerunway and they are going in on Whitney's songs...sigh...

@maneandchic they are playing that right now at #texturerunway in NYC! RIP

And all of the textured hair tips!

@HairRules says your texture dictates how long you wear your wash n go style #texturerunway

Can't wait to try out @curls_unleashed mousse and leave-in on my 3b hair plus gel on my trouble spots! #texturerunway

@minardicolor using a foil teqnique under the part to get vibrant colors without seeing the lines of highlights #genius #texturerunway