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Curly girls think outside the box. For one, we have to. Ten years ago there were only a few products on the shelves for curlies and now we seem to take over every hair care aisle in any store. It feels good! Despite finally getting our just due, we still think outside the box for what our hair needs. Sometimes we find unique tools that are not designed for us, but we find a way to incorporate it into our regimen.  

I’m talking about horse hair brushes. Yes, brushes that were created to brush the tangles out of horse manes. Many curly women swear by it! As long as you are not sharing it with your horse you should be just fine. This very unusual brush has an innovative design comprising uniquely flexible comb rows that gently loosen the tangles.

It is created to prevent hair pulling or breaking strands by moving with the hair and not against it.

There are anywhere from 7 to 9 flexible comb rows that bend out and snap back without harming the hair. Made of nylon, it usually weighs around 1.4 ounces and around 8 ¾ inches long. It is created to prevent hair pulling or breaking strands by moving with the hair and not against it. It is made of nylon and has a wavy handle with a grip for easy use. The winning component in this brush is its flexible rows that are not attached at the top, which allows for optimal flexibility in brushing.

How does it compare to other brushes?

According to women who have tried all three, it seems to beat out other brushes like the Tangle Teezer and the Denman. While I have heard and read reviews in which curlies raved about both the Tangle Teezer and the Denman, I have also heard that they can cause breakage for some women. I have yet to hear any negative experiences with the horse hair brush, other than complaints of steep markups by a few retailers.

Some brands are renaming and revamping the brush as a detangling brush for curly hair, but it is just the same old brush no matter where you get it.

Members of our community have bought theirs at their local horse supply or agricultural shops, like Tractor Supply Co Store, for around $5. You can also find them on Amazon by Tangle Wrangler for $11.99 and Chicks Saddlery for $1.29.

If you’re considering giving this brush a try, watch these videos to see how the brush is used and whether these women like it (hint, the first video is entitled “the BEST detangler brush””>.

The Best Detangler Brush

CoilyHeadChick does an excellent review of this unique brush that glides rather easily through her hair. Now she has her hair saturated in shampoo but most who use the brush say to do that with conditioner. I think using conditioner would be a much better bet as well. She even sells the brush on her website (which she mentions”> but they are pretty popular and can be found just about anywhere including

Natural Hair Detangling Regimen

My Natural Sistas discussing her detangling regimen using the Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush, which is very similar to the horse detangling brush.  It also has flex-bristles (as she calls them”> that enable “fluid movement”. She shows the unique design and how it stretches as you brush through the hair. She starts from the bottom and works her way up from there to brush through and fully detangle a section of wet hair. No snags as she detangles with a breeze. The Felicia Leatherwood Pink Detangling Brush was $10 back when this video was created but now $16.

So, are you on board or have you already tried it? We would love to know below so comment and let us know if you love it, hate it or buying it.  

Sabrina Perkins

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