Is it our imagination, or are curls everywhere these days? There are more actresses and singers wearing their hair kinky and curly. And curly models are finding their way into ads for companies too numerous to mention. While we’re thrilled with this development, it made it especially challenging to select the winners for the 2007 Curlies. Some curly celebs were also curly singers, there many of these people were nominated in multiple categories.

NaturallyCurly initiated the awards two years ago to recognize those people and companies that have advanced the curly cause. The selection is made by us, with input from our members. Last year’s winners included Shakira, curly product companies Devacurl, Curl Junkie and Children’s Place, a retailer that regularly features curly models in its ads.

So drum roll, please. Here are the winners of the 2007 Curlies!

Taylor Swift

Jordin Sparks

Best Female Curly Celeb: There were so many great women from whom to choose that we decided to choose two this year: American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and singer/actress Taylor Swift. It’s hard to imagine either of these beautiful singers without their curls. We love seeing young women embrace their curls.

Swift and Sparks have served as a positive role models for many young curlies who see how their natural curls make them beautiful and unique. In fact, some straight-haired teens have even gotten perms to emulate Swift’s look.

Sparks seems to have moved away from her curls toward a straighter look, which we find a little puzzling since she has enviable ringlets. Maybe our Curly award will prompt her to toss her straight iron and rock those curls!

Adrien Grenier

Best Male Curly Celebrity: There was a smorgasbord of curly men from whom to choose this year’s winner. But the overwhelming winner was Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s “Entourage” and movies such as “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Rather than cutting his hair short to hide any sign of wave, he wears his curls long — a trend we’re thrilled to see more of lately.

Corbin Bleu

Best Curly Musician: Corbin Bleu is an adorable teen musician and actor, who starred in the hit “High School Musical,” and his selection was a no-brainer. He received numerous votes in the celeb and musician category.

Corbin represents the new generation of curlies who truly embrace their curls — the bigger the better!

Katherine Heigl

Seth Rogan

Best Curly Movie: It was hard to ignore the curls that dominated “Knocked Up,” a movie about a curly underemployed slacker named Ben (Seth Rogan”>, who meets and accidentally impregnates Alison (Katherine Heigl”>. Alison’s sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann”> is a curly as is her adorable daughter, Charlotte (scene stealer and Shirley Temple look alike Iris Apatow”>. It’s refreshing to see movie characters wearing their hair in its natural state.

Jordan Richardson

Best Curly Model: You may not know her by name, but you’ve seen Jordan Richardson’s face and gorgeous hair in ads for companies such as Benetton. This supermodel in training, who wears her hair natural, could join the ranks of models who we’ve come to know and love on a first name basis: “Naomi,” Tyra”, “Iman” and “Gisele.” She shows that natural hair has become a new standard of beauty.

Best Curly Ads: Devaconcepts’ print ads celebrate curls in all their glory. They are another example of the creativity and innovation Deva has used to promote the beauty of curls.

Michelle Breyer

As co-founder of, a website for curly hair she began with her business partner and friend, Gretchen Heber, Michelle Breyer helped create the leading community and resource for people with curly hair. Frustrated by the lack of information on curly hair and the limited products available in the marketplace, the duo launched the site in 1998 with the help of a 14-year-old web designer. When Procter & Gamble called three years later to advertise to the® audience, Breyer knew they had indeed created a force in the industry, providing helpful information and unparalleled expertise for what was then considered a niche market.

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