obama earrings

Obama for your ears!

We are still buzzing on the residual effects of attending the World Natural Hair Show yesterday in Atlanta. Holy moly, were there a lot of curlies there! This show was much different from others that we go to year-round, in the sense that there were not just hair products and tools, but lots of curly paraphernalia as well. It's so inspiring to see textured folks turning on their creativity and providing the community with books, magazines, DVDs, jewelry and clothing, just to name a few.

One of my favorite things yesterday was seeing the sneak peek for Mhe (pronounced "Me"), a magazine that will be out this fall. This is the first all-natural hair magazine dedicated to the things that you want more of: product reviews, salon recommendations, tips, tricks and articles dedicated to the lifestyle of wearing your hair natural. The co-founders of the company are to die for and we can't wait to see the first issue on the newsstands.

Yesterday was the day to hit the floor and see what everyone had to offer, and today we are getting our education on! We are hoping to attend lots of classes and report back with our newfound knowledge. Can't wait to share our Day Two experience!