We are beginning to see curly hair representation becoming more common in the media, and with that comes a myriad of artists whose sole focus is natural hair. Here are 10 artists who are changing the world, one painting at a time.

Mickalene Thomas


Image: @mickalenethomas

New York based artist draws into aspects of female sexuality, beauty, and power. She is known for the glamor her pieces portray by using rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel.

Carlos Daniel


Image: @carlosdanielart

This underground artist centers his pieces on black women and the variety of textures and styles that exist in the natural hair community.



Image: @illustration315

A low-key artist who focuses on inspiring naturals around the world with animations displaying everyday moments in a curly girl’s life. You are bound to find a piece that will speak to you.

Christina Henderson


Image: @cjhensun

LA native graphic designer focuses on illustrations that represent minority communities and a variety of sociopolitical issues. If you’re looking for pieces on the woke side, this is definitely an artist to check out.

Donice Bloodworth Jr.


Image: @dacre8iveone

Atlanta based artist uses his paintings of beautiful black women to represent the natural beauty in the black community, focusing on natural hair. He never sketches a face on any painting to leave the door open to imagination and allow people to see themselves in the paintings.



Image: @egolijov

Miami-based artist and teacher creates art to display femininity in all its forms by figure drawing and painting. Besides portraying the feminine, she also depicts aspects of black and hispanic cultures through her work. My personal favorite is her piece with hoop earrings.

Camille Nat


Image: @camillenatart

A self-taught artist and French native who began his artistic journey by portraying everyday life on the street, and later transferred his work on canvases.

VG Waymer


Image: @ochunsita8246

This Boston native infuses traditional illustration into digital pieces. You can find a lot of her art commissioned by We Are Onyx—a monthly delivery of beauty products, specifically curated for us melanated folks.

Jade Pilgrom


Image: @jadeandserif

This Orlando-based artist can also be found on Etsy curating pieces of women of color in all their shades and shapes.

Keturah Ari’el Nailah Bobo


Image: @keturahariel

This artist places her work on merchandise that you can wear—from jackets, to sweatshirts, to mugs, and calendars—and focuses on portraying the minority community in a positive light in order to inspire future generations.

Art isn’t necessarily only for aesthetic purposes; it is also used to make political statements, and these pieces are breaking beauty standards that are the norm, due to European-centric influences that portray straight hair as the most desirable. Remember, you are art, in whatever shade, shape, and form you come in.

Do you have any natural hair art? Let us know your favorite artists in the comments below.