Inspired by the “Girl Girls — It’s not just hair, it’s a way of life” group on Facebook, I thought I would put together a “You know you’re a curly girl if … ” list. Although curly girls are a totally diverse group, perhaps you’ve had a few of these experiences along the way.

You know you’re a curly girl if…

You laugh when a friend asks you if you have a hairbrush

As curly girls, we can’t get our fingers through our hair, much less a brush packed with closely spaced bristles. Brushing wet hair does nothing but cause breakage, and brushing it dry is a recipe for disaster. The last time I brushed my hair on a regular basis (seventh grade”>, the result looked more like a Christmas tree or an equilateral triangle than anything that would be considered a “style”. So no, I’m sorry, I don’t have a hairbrush.

… but you always have a hair tie.

Whether the culprit is humidity, wind, or just that one friend who sits behind you in class and likes to play with your hair, you always have a hair tie around your wrist and are never without one “on hand.” When straight hair gets messy, a few swipes of a brush will solve everything, but when curls gets unruly you have two choices: douse it with water or stick it in a bun.

You avoid products that say “Won’t weight hair down!”

While ideal curls are bouncy and light, if you’re like me you avoid any product that claims it will “create volume!” like the plague. My hair has enough volume for me and two or three other people, thank you very much.

You have buy two bottles of conditioner for every bottle of shampoo.

Somehow I always end up standing in the shower, staring woefully at my half-full bottle of shampoo while trying to get at the last bit of conditioner. You’ve been there; banging the bottle against your hand, unscrewing the top and sticking your finger in the bottle, trying to get enough conditioner out for one … more … shower …

Elderly ladies are your biggest fans.

Whether you’re at the grocery store, at church or at the library, it never fails; elderly people love your hair. If someone who looks like she could be five times your age stops you in the produce section to ask you if your hair is natural and tell you how lucky you are, you’re probably a curly girl.

You don’t think its weird to ask someone about the products they use.

I don’t think I’ve ever asked a straight-haired friend what type of gel she uses or whether or not she shampoos. However, if you have a couple friends with awesome curly hair, comments like “Oh my goodness, what do you use in it?” are just bound to happen. Our products are often central to our style. Whether they’re fiercely loyal to your product and want everyone to know how awesome it is or they are continuously looking for the latest and greatest way to define your curls, curly girls love to talk about the products they use.

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Cozy Friedman

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