Less than 24 hours into my big New York City move and there is really only one thing I have had the time or brain power to notice: natural hair is everywhere!

I'm hanging out in the Lower East Side, trying my best to get situated amongst all the veteran New Yorkers, as I see them. I have heard from friends and family that looking people in the eyes in New York City isn't advisable, and staring is the city's biggest no-no. If those two pieces of advice are true, however, then I should be in NYC can't-take-my-eyes-off-you prison.

Seriously, the women here not only wear their hair natural, but they OWN it! Everywhere you look there is a young, fashionable woman running to catch a bus, her afro swaying in the wind. Or a mother of three with a back-braided poof, her natural hair children rocking some sort of twist-out styles all their own. Even on the flight over, I had to stop to talk to a woman about her braided style and explain to her that it was possibly one of the best natural hairstyles I had ever seen — and it's my job to see them!

I seriously wish I could transfer to you the beautiful images of working women in suits to working mothers in wedges, all donning natural hair styles that I know took them longer than a wash-and-go. I will just have to start snapping photos, which is exactly what I plan on doing today! After yesterday's "Oh my God, everyone has natural hair" epiphany, I'm walking out of my apartment with NaturallyCurly business cards and my iPhone, fully-charged, camera in hand. Today is the day that I show you what's up in New York City, natural hair style! Stay tuned...

Which U.S. city do you think is the natural hair mecca?