Majoring in Curls
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Because I came from a small city in Maine, I didn’t to have the chance to go out on the town all that often. And that meant I didn’t have many excuses for dressing up and making my hair fancy!

But for college students, life can be one big party. There is always an excuse to go out on the town. If you’re one of those people who only goes to parties to drink, disregard the next 500 words. But, if you are like me and revel in primping your overall look, please continue.

Being a curly girl gives you infinitely more options and choices for hairstyles than your straighter friends have. And curly hair lends itself to a dressy look. I’ve had people compliment my hairstyles on occasions where I didn’t even mean for it to look special. You know what I’m talking about. Curls just lend themselves to night life.

The length and thickness of your hair plays a small role, but there’s almost nothing that you can’t do with curly hair. The only thing I must forbid is to brush those curls and pull them back into a tight ponytail. This is only acceptable if you are a ballerina and need to wear a bun. Not only is it bad for your hair, but the severe look doesn’t flatter anyone.

When considering night looks, think about the location of the event and about your outfit. For a Saturday night date or for heading out with the girls, I would leave my hair down because I’m most comfortable and confident that way. I know some girls who love to pull it half up and half down with some tendrils around the face. A looser style like this probably needs only a little anti-frizz serum and a diffuser to work well. You can dress it up with clips, barrettes, headbands and whatever else you feel like. I love hair sticks too. If you want to add a little more polish to this look, take a curling iron and wrap random curls around the barrel.

For those curlies who are a little less adventurous and prefer tried-and-true methods, why not try a side part? Any hairstyle will look brand new if you try a part on the side. If too many curls fall out, throw in a couple of bobby pins to catch them. I like the ones with itty-bitty flowers on the end are my faves.

Whenever I go to a concert or to the theater, I like to look a bit more elegant than on a regular Saturday night. Ever since I learned how to French braid, I’ve been trying new things with my hair. And I love it when I get a chance to show it off.

One of my favorites is the “Cinderella twist.” You can part it on the side or in the middle — whichever works for you. Instead of French braiding the traditional way, you French twist. Start with two pieces of hair and every time they pass during the twist, add a little more hair. You can do both sides like pigtails, or only halfway down, pinned in the back. If it looks too severe, pull a couple of ringlets out to frame your face. It works with any outfit and is easy, as long as you know how to French braid. If you don’t know how, I highly recommend learning! Ask your hairdresser to show you how to do it the next time you go for a cut.

If you want more options, play with your hair some night when you have nothing to do. Try some updos, braids or twists. Try a side part and throw in some hot rollers for a vintage 30’s look. (This one looks great with red lipstick!”> Try little twists all over your head. Pile all those luscious curls up on top for a Botticelli look.

Honestly, I could go on forever. Dressing up and primping is fun and makes you feel great, so enjoy those curls!

Cozy Friedman


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