Its official, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are splitting. Okay, we aren’t the first to report it, but given Brand’s natural locks, we did have a bit invested in the relationship. We aren’t particularly concerned with their split in general. I mean, it is Hollywood where marriages come and go like child actors. Here's what is worrying us though, and what may need to have you worrying too: divorce can cause hair loss.

Higher levels of stress, typically induced by divorce amongst other things, cause hair loss. Usually, this is a temporary situation in which your hair follicles go into their resting phase early, causing hair loss and thinning. The best way to rid yourself of the problem is to treat the stress itself. Once levels of stress are back to normal, your hair loss issues should disappear as well.

Then again, hair loss can also be caused by what we like to call hand-in-head syndrome in which you can’t get your hands out of your hair. Constant manipulation of hair follicles can cause hair loss, and when you are stressed, you have a higher tendency to run your hands through your hair more often. Depending on how long your increased stress levels last, this can easily become a habit that will be difficult to break – and hair loss will not be temporary.

As curlies, we know that touching our hair often is a big no-no, but at the same time, all the deep conditioning, moisturizing and detangling we do require us to get our hands in there. So for us, stress induced hand-in-head syndrome is not something to be taken lightly!

We would hate to see a natural haired celebrity man start to lose tresses a bit too early, and we would hate for it to happen to you too! So for the love of everything that is natural (including you!), get those hands out of your hair and get them busy on something else – like making homemade hair mask recipes with peppermint, which helps to boost energy levels and happiness. Done and done!