The higher the hair Someecard

I don't know if you are have been noticing the surplus of Someecards recently, but the company that has been around since LONG before Facebook Timeline was even a debate. The cards are known for being sarcastic, a bit controversial and for just being dang honest. We're talking the REAL #truth here.

So what are their opinions on hair? Well, we've rounded up the top six funniest Someecards about hair.

Scroll through, and enjoy. After all, the tighter your curl and the bigger your hair, according to Someecards, the closer you are to nirvana.

Your new haircut Someecard

What? With as much as textured hair shrinks and hides highlights and color, most curlies can cut their tresses inches without many people noticing — especially the significant other. #truth

I wish I had your hair Someecard

Whether a stranger on the street stops us to praise our waves, curls and coils, or if we are just dishing our stress to a straight hair friend, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side! #truth

If you cut your hair Someecard

Reminiscent of the CurlyNikki post about a woman whose husband gave her a "straighten it or I'm leaving" ultimatum? Yea, well, at least according to e-card #2, he won't notice if you cut it anyway!

Besides, I think all #teamnatural is on the "If you ever say something like that to me, I'm dumping YOU" team anyway. #truth

Bad hair days Someecard

It happens. It is inevitable. Bad second-day hair, a lifeless twist-out, frizz that 'fros in abnormal directions? Been there, done that. At least it makes for a good story right? And a good product testing spree? #truth

A-Rod Someecard

Men having highlights is so the 90s, people. If you want to look like you keep your hair up, guys, then trim it, grow it out, deep condition with us, but please — no highlights! Channeling Justin Timberlake circa 1998 is NOT the look you want. #truth