NaturallyCurly in it’s Natural Habitat

“Why roam the streets of Austin for texture when I’m sitting in the center of a Texture Mecca!?”

That was my thought last week when at the NaturallyCurly headquarters in Austin, Texas as I was planning out the latest edition of TextureWatch. So for this post, I thought I would break out the camera and show you all the gorgeous array of textured hair at NaturallyCurly’s HQ for this month’s TextureWatch. Ever since I joined the NaturallyCurly team last July, people always ask me two questions:

1. Is it like going to work in a curly heaven?

2. Do you have to have curly hair to work there?

The answers are respectively YES and NO. Considering that you can’t walk five inches without eyeing a bottle of your favorite conditioner or being asked to try out a new yet-to-be-released product line, everyone in the office, whether they’ve got straight or coily hair, knows their stuff when it comes to products because we’re constantly surrounded by them. Curls or not, what you will find at NaturallyCurly is that everyone has a healthy sense of how to make their own unique texture look it’s very best while working each and every day to power our beloved community of curls. Allow me to introduce some of NaturallyCurly’s staffers and their favorite products!