NaturallyCurly in it's Natural Habitat

"Why roam the streets of Austin for texture when I'm sitting in the center of a Texture Mecca!?"

That was my thought last week when at the NaturallyCurly headquarters in Austin, Texas as I was planning out the latest edition of TextureWatch. So for this post, I thought I would break out the camera and show you all the gorgeous array of textured hair at NaturallyCurly's HQ for this month's TextureWatch. Ever since I joined the NaturallyCurly team last July, people always ask me two questions:

1. Is it like going to work in a curly heaven?

2. Do you have to have curly hair to work there?

The answers are respectively YES and NO. Considering that you can't walk five inches without eyeing a bottle of your favorite conditioner or being asked to try out a new yet-to-be-released product line, everyone in the office, whether they've got straight or coily hair, knows their stuff when it comes to products because we're constantly surrounded by them. Curls or not, what you will find at NaturallyCurly is that everyone has a healthy sense of how to make their own unique texture look it's very best while working each and every day to power our beloved community of curls. Allow me to introduce some of NaturallyCurly's staffers and their favorite products!


Suzanne Schroeder

Title: Product Editor

Curl Pattern: 2c

Suzanne is a longtime member of the NaturallyCurly community and is well-known for her former CurlTalk postings and articles written under her handle CurlySuzy. Today she is the rockstar of all things related to the product database and has an encyclopedic knowledge of products and ingredients.

"My favorite product is (oh this is so hard)  — Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment. I would be lost without this stuff. All my stylers work so much better when I use this. I use it as a daily conditioner and my curls are so thankful! It is like that hearty breakfast your grandmother always told you to eat - a  super way for your curls to get started in the morning!"


Priscilla Sodeke

Title: Content Producer

Curl Pattern: 4c

Meet Priscilla, one of our most recent additions to the NaturallyCurly content team. Here's how she styles her cute cropped cut in her own words:

"On my TTWA (teeny teeny weeny afro), I like to wet my hair, use some curl-enhancing moisturizing conditioner and glaze some Ampro Pro Styl Olive Oil Gel over the top!"


Stephen Flusche

Title: Inventory Analyst and Customer Service Specialist

Curl Pattern: 1a

If you've ever placed an order to CurlMart, Stephen has likely had something to do with making sure you've gotten your goodies right on time. Since he spends so much time with the products, it's only made sense that he's picked up a few favorites of his own including Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo and Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner.


Michelle Breyer

Title: President and Co-Founder

Curl Pattern: 3c

Even after 14 years, Michelle is still as passionate about celebrating and empowering the curly community as when she started. Her tried and true faves? Paul Mitchell Fast Form, Ouidad Climate Control Gel and Curls Like Us Curl Cloths.

"I apply product when my hair is soaking wet, scrunch with my curl cloth and scrunch in more product."


Ariel Maxie

Title: Marketing Assistant

Curl Pattern: 4b

Ariel is our main liaison between all of the awesome bloggers and vloggers, making sure they get review of all of the products you want to learn about! Here she is rocking too-perfect two-strand twists. Her favorite product is Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme.


Crista Bailey

Title: CEO

Curl Pattern: 1a

Letting go of her big permed 80's hair in favor of her sleek straight strands, Crista is very much attuned to the importance of the celebration of self and authenticity that drives our not only our community, but the company as a whole. Her favorite product brands include include Max Green Alchemy, Wen and Innersense.


Jeff Winesett

Title: VP of Technology

Curl Pattern: 1a

Jeff and his development team are responsible for bringing curls to the interwebs and the interwebs to the curls. Naturally, that doesn't leave that much room for too much hair fuss, so he keeps his hair cropped and short or as he calls it "extra-natural."


Title: Marketing and PR Associate

Curl Pattern: 4a

Oh hey! That's me...lurking in CurlMart...product junkyism is a problem, you know. Based out of San Francisco, I'm a remote NaturallyCurly employee responsible for our super awesome events such as Texture on the Runway or the Curly Pool Party (did you hear!? The next Curly Pool Party's in JUNE! Get jazzed. I am.) My teeny-weeny coils love styling creams and gel-creams that act as a 3-in-1 styler, like Hair Rules Curly Whip, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair and Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha.


Tracey Wallace

Title: Content Editor

Curl Pattern: 2b

Ever wonder who makes sure you get all the latest and greatest news from the world of curls piping hot fresh and delivered to your screens all day every day? Of course you do. The answer is the one and only Tracey. I asked her to give us a run down on how she gets such great waves day in and day out. Here are a few of her great tips and tricks:

Shampoo: Elucence Clarifying Shampoo. I have to clarify at least once a week due to how much I work out and how thin my hair is. If I use Moroccanoil products or products with a lot of silicones, I have to clarifying every other day. When I don't use Elucence Clarifying, I low-poo with DevaCare or co-wash.

Conditioner: Deva OneCondition. It is AWESOME.

Mousse: Moroccanoil Curl Defining Mousse. I go back and forth between using a mousse and a gel. I still can't tell which I like better or which works better - so I can do whatever I feel like that morning. With Moroccanoil Mousse, I usually can't get second-day hair, but with gel....

Gel: Deva AnGel. Get successful second day hair almost every time if I pineapple with this in.

Oil: Rose Oil — BEST PRODUCT FOR WAVES EVER (Thanks to Cassidy for telling me about it early on!). Adds volume and shine. If I am using gel, I use it after my hair is dry and scrunch it in to get rid of the "crunchiness." If I use mousse, I add it in to my wet hair, then apply the mousse.

Leave-in: Don't use it.

Deep Conditioner: Don't use it.

Products I'm trying:

Tips & Tricks

To avoid crunchiness, always use the leave-in or oil after your hair dries. It will loosen the crunch and turn hair back to normal — sans the frizz, plus add volume.

Never underestimate the power of a two-strand twist on second-day hair. It can and WILL give you an awesome style, hide the frizz and have people asking you how you did it ALL day long. So easy, so great.

I'm not a morning person, but I hate the wet hair look. My solution? I wake up an hour early and shower, then turn my ceiling fan on high and lay my head over the side of the bed, and go back to sleep. :) I wake up and my hair is almost dry, not-frizzy and I'm super rested and happy!


Robin Bishop

Title: Design Intern

Curl Pattern: 1.5a

Recently, Robin, whose hair is not quite stick straight, has been on a quest to establish 1.5a as a hair type. And just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two heads of hair are identical, so we're cool with that.

"I adore AG Hair Cosmetics The Oil Extra Virgin Argan Miracle." says Robin. "It makes my hair ridiculously soft!"


Title: Senior Account Manager

Curl Pattern: 2b

Nicole Binnicker

As a member of the Integrated Marketing team, Nicole is always looped into the latest and greatest with all of our favorite curly brands, including getting advance samples of unreleased products! Ask her nicely and she might let you give one a test-drive first. Her favorite product?

"A 'coming-this-summer' styler from AG, which means I have to use it sparsely until it's available to the market!"


Title: Integrated Media Intern

Curl Pattern: 3b

Devri Velazquez

Devri's only been a member of the Integrated Media team for a few weeks, but she's already been inspired to do a BIG CHOP! Read all about her hair story here.