The summer solstice occurred yesterday, which means astrologically the wheel of the year has turned. This portion of the year is significant to honoring the light covering the earth, embracing our inner light, and recognizing the cyclical nature of the seasons and life itself.

2017 is also a one year numerically, meaning it is the beginning of a new cycle, symbolizing starting anew.

I started 2017 in bed, conducting a tarot reading, determined to make 2017 my year of saying yes to relaxation and recognizing my higher self. Last year was a hot mess, but Nah, 2017 would be different. It would be my personal year, my year of honoring my relationship with me, developing my self-care practice, and most importantly loving Lauren in all ways. Elevated in my thoughts of how I envisioned the year to look in front of me, I just knew that every day would be filled with positivity and rejoicing, as I felt closure on the previous cycle of my life, and fully welcomed this new time. How often though do we get a little overconfident about something, and then become completely blindsided when our expectations aren’t met, or we feel disappointed if something doesn’t pan out quite how we planned? Right?! This was the beginning of my 2017. Yes, I accomplished a ton, but home girl’s self-care was lacking majorly.

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So, I am taking a pause, and recharging. Earlier in the year, I came up with these Zen Commandments as a way to establish my self-care for 2017, but I have found that I need them now more than ever. I share these with you in hopes that you find some of the light I have found, and that it jump starts your cycle of self-love. We all deserve this, so let’s reclaim our light and rock the remainder of the year.

Detoxification & Letting Go

It’s time to let go. Scream, shout, Dance it out! Do whatever you have to do. Give away those incentive pants. Throw out those expired hair products. Repurpose your vibes, and recognize what it is you want to offer to yourself and to the world. Feel all of your being, and cultivate it.

I enjoy detoxifying through my senses. So, whether that be taking a physical bath and imagining the warm water wrapped around me like a tight hug or doing a juice cleanse while I physically try to imagine the tastes of what I am drinking, detoxification is so necessary for my mental and emotional health.  I also practice detoxification on a daily, with trying to reframe my mind during times of high-stress. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of negative self-thoughts when you are having a stressful day. But what if during those times of high-stress, we said something nice to ourselves? Detox your brain and thoughts with a quick “I’m a work in progress, and That’s Ok”, and continue on with your day.

Feel Everything

How has 2017 been for you so far? Have you felt joy, pain, sorrow, happiness, zealousness, anything? Have you allowed yourself to feel at all? Do you have something that you have been meaning to clean house on, but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to follow through with it?

Once we allow ourselves to actually feel then we are becoming whole within our truest selves. One of my favorite blogs, The AstroTwins, discusses the importance of recognizing our shadow selves, honoring our not so lovely traits, and learning to work with them, because after all, it is a huge part of our being. I have learned that I am a huge crier when I am frustrated, angry, and or just burnt out. In the past, I would push these emotions away and not deal with them head-on, because I thought it made me feel weak. By allowing myself to feel though (and several months of therapy and self-care), I can now say with confidence that I have been embracing my shadow side about 45% more (still a work in progress y’all), and I am honoring ALL of the traits that make me unique.

Recognizing Your Magic

Look. We are all magical in our own way. We all have glitter in our veins, and we are all bright lights who have something to contribute to the world. Your contribution doesn’t have to be small, and it doesn’t have to be large. Your physical presence and your being holding space in the universe is enough a contribution in itself.  So, say yes to staying conscious and say yes to being ALIVE. You are killing it every single day, even when you don’t think you are. Your light is worthy, and you are everything you have ever needed. As Shonda Rhimes would say. “Stand in the Sun, and Dance it out!”. Love yourself for making it halfway through 2017, and embrace yourself for moving on to the next half. We got this!

How are you resetting for 2017?  What self-care methods are you engaging in?

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