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Several of us who have taken the plunge to wear our hair in its naturally curly state have also chosen to go natural with hair products and more. The ultimate goal is no longer just healthier hair, but a healthier body and mind in terms of the way we feel about ourselves and our naturally curly hair.

Those who thought that the very idea of was much too ridiculously niche-y to be worth it will be properly shocked to know that, last week in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY, a yoga class just for women with curly hair made its debut! Of course, the mere existence of such a class doesn’t make it a success, yet 75 curlies were in attendance at the first Yoga to the Curvy Curly class in Brooklyn, NY.

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According to the class instructor, Natalie Cosby, one of the goals of the class is to help gals with textured hair to get past “sweating out” their curls, because it can be a real mental obstacle that very curly girls don’t want to scale in order to exercise.

The class is a combination of yoga poses that are meant to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth and health and discussions about hair products and proper hair care before, during and after exercising. If you live in the Brooklyn area, but you’re thinking that yoga is not for you, think again. The class is meant to debunk the myth that yoga is exercise for those who are already fit. It’s not just a yoga class attended by a bunch of ladies with curly hair. Yoga to the Curvy Curly is described by its creators as an experience that “exposes health benefits, strengthens body image [and] informs on active lifestyle hair care.”

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Wish there was a Yoga to the Curvy Curly class near you? Find out more about the classes on their Facebook page!

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