No one’s going to deny that it feels good to take care of ourselves and look pretty, but a lot of us are guilty of too much time in front of the mirror. In fact, one survey found we spend nearly three years primping and preening over the course of our lifetime. Three years. Sheesh.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Blame it on the old “grass is always greener on the other side,” says Nick Arrojo, owner of Arrojo Studio in New York City.

“The number one beauty mistake follows a similar principle,” he says. Women want things that are unrealistic to achieve, and we tend to go overboard trying to get there. The focus should be enhancing our natural beauty, not fighting it, Arrojo explains.

And that starts with simplicity.

So if bounding out of bed each morning to fight with your hair and perform a litany of beauty chores is not exactly your idea of a fun way to start the day (hey, we’d much rather spend more time snoozing”>, then you’re in luck. Our experts have broken out their best advice on how to simplify your routine. Here’s how:

10 Timesaving Beauty Tips

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