This outfit’s my ‘Edgy at work’ look.

Editor April B types away at her laptop while flashing a black-lipstick covered smile to the camera
Cassandra JK/April B

Actually…that’s most of my outfits.

I love love LOVE the cold shoulder trend because I loved it in the 90s, but being ages 0-9 at the time, the look was a little too grown for me. Now I’m snatching them up as much as I can before the look isn’t on shelves anymore, but I’ll be honest, waiting on ‘last season’ clearance might not be the worst idea…

I was pigtailing it this day because I love full, yet structured looks on myself. I blame my love of anime hair. Besides…Braidception! Because the box braids are a style in themselves, and this hat needs to last I’ve just got a little rosewater spritzed on my scalp for moisture.

Editor April B looks down showing off red eyeshadow, an accessory laden fedora, and black&pink pigtails
Cassandra JK/April B

The golden heart studs are from personal friend and small business laser-badass Katie Cowden of Killer Queen Designs. The hat is by Scala, and bless them for having cool headgear that comes in XXL sizes! My fat hair can’t be squeezed into just anything. The plaid spray-on pants are from Torrid, and I gotta say, I do regret not buying them in more colors when I had the chance! They’re perfect for the kind of edge I can take to the office, which is to say a dull edge. But they make me one good looking butter knife.

I have Beauty Bakerie in Dare to Eclair on my lips. Black-owned black glitter that moves for nothing but coconut oil and sugar? Heart it. I’m also wearing my favorite Sugarpill shade in Asylum on my eyes. WOC owned makeup brands are out here KILLING. IT.

Editor April shows off in a full body shot showing fitted red plaid pants, flowy black top, leopard print scarf, and black buckled boots
Cassandra JK/April B

There was a cute comic book I read waaaaaaaaay back in the days before my driver’s license that featured a doe-eyed kick-butt vampire lady (shock”>, who had lots of pretty thick hair, and some authors’ notes in the back about how they made her outfits to be either tight top + flowy bottoms or flowy top + tight bottoms. It was on that day I learned about ‘fashion math’ and started wanting to structure my outfits the same way! But you never know when I might wanna shake it up and go all tailored. PS if anyone knows the comic I’m talking about, drop the name, I was never able to track it down

I can deal with tracking packages though, and I shop online often! For shoes,  like these Torrid boots, it’s usually the only way I can roll, as I wear a ladies’ 13, and no one wants to cater to that in brick and mortar places, cough cough. Now if I could match my spurts of online spending to a time where I ACTUALLY have the opportunity to use the coupons I always get, it’d be nice…

As to my wardrobe right now, I’m actually downsizing! I have a bad BAD habit of picking up things that don’t quite fit me because they’re sooooooo cute and cheap, and I’m going to the gym, so it’ll fit soon right? Alternately things that don’t fit me in the opposite direction because “I have bloaty days, and sometimes I don’t hit the gym as often, and I can just go get it tailored, right?”

Editor April B rolls her eyes dramatically
Cassandra JK/April B

I do exactly none of those things. 

I’m moving house, so it’s the perfect time to downsize in a major way! The living room is full of everything I’m going to sell/donate and I’m starting fresh! Of course this downsizing will be followed by some major expansion. I can’t wait!

And as I ride this closet ebb and flow, I notice I’ve definitely gotten more formal as the years pass! It’s always been lots of black, punk staple patterns like plaid and leopard print, and skulls, but now instead of skin coloring costume jewelry and peel-off cheapo prints, I’ve gotten better fitting, longer lasting pieces in my repertoire. So you know. GOOD costume jewelry now. GOOD black lipstick.

Editor April B looks aside showing off a few statement rings with a hand by her face
Cassandra JK/April B

If I could expand by sticking my little grabby hands in anyone’s wardrobe, I have to say I’m a little hard pressed for celebrities to (hypothetically”> steal from! Ideal raid status isn’t so much a person as several fashion spreads! Beyonce doesn’t REALLY dress like her outfits in Lemonade, same for these ladies in this W Magazine shot from a while back I can get spare material, find a good tailor, and just start robbing afro-gothic photoshoots.

Six black women with natural hair and goth styling gather outside some house steps in the sun
W Magazine/ Stylist Edward Enninful

^ Goals.

I’m not alone in rocking a look with a little bite, right? Have any of y’all ever taken a trip to “the dark side” with your fashion choices? Pics please!

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