Brett Freeman with Vanitymark Cosmetics recently did a brow event at The Cosmetic Market in Nashville. Here he gives 14-year-old Meredith her very first brow shaping. Listen to Brett explain the process, step-by-step.

  1. First things first: tidy up your brow area. Use tweezers to take away any of the ‘cobwebs’– those feathering hairs that grow downward in the areas above and outside of your brows. Your brow line will instantly look cleaner!
  2. Get in the middle. Tweezing the middle of your two brows is easy because there is no shaping involved! Anything that’s in between your two brows needs to go.
  3. Where should the brows start? No need to use a pencil to ‘line up’ the brow line – nature knows what it’s doing. Your brows should start right where the majority of your brow hairs begin growing; don’t take away too many rows or it will look unnatural.
  4. Trim the brows. Do this very carefully to avoid a mishap! Use a brow spoolie or a clean mascara wand to brush all the brow hairs up. Use cuticle scissors to trim the tips off, and then brush back down.
  5. To arch or not to arch? A drastic brow arch is too much for teens or those who never tweeze their brows. Lightly tweeze out a row or two underneath the brow if hairs look too out of place. Remember to start slow—just a neatened brow line will look fab!
  6. The finishing touch. Teens don’t need to fill in their brows, but if you have any sparse areas, feel free to touch up with a brow pencil one shade lighter than hairs – Brett’s Vanitymark line has seven shades to choose from, so you’re sure to find a great match. Clear brow gel is helpful for unruly brows — it’s like hair spray for your arches!