Having big features is not usually considered a good thing, especially not when it comes to body parts … But there is one facial feature where bigger is always better. I’m talking about having huge, expressive, doe eyes. Not only will having larger peepers (or the illusion of it) make you seem more attractive, younger and rested, it’s also just a plain cute look. If you’ve ever seen a picture of Twiggy, you’ll realize that much of her appeal had to do with her huge, adorable and blue eyes framed by spidery, black lashes.

Not all of us have been blessed with big eyes, however, so below, I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to make your eyes large and in charge (I work with a lot of makeup artists in my salon and on shoots, so I’ve managed to pick up these hints up). Here we go…

  1. Put a shimmery, light-colored eye shadow on either side of the bridge of your nose as well as on your lids (apply lightly here). White or light colors in general make the allusion of more space between your eyes and bigger eyes overall. Just don’t go crazy with the white eye shadow. This is not 1976.
  2. Try a peach-toned liner on the inner rims of your lower lid instead of black, white or brown (this is not as harsh and unnatural). Then, apply a black/brown/gray liner a little underneath the rim and the peach liner.
  3. Apply a darker shadow in the crease of your eyelids. If your eyes are close-set, try just putting the shadow on the outer part of your crease. If your eyes are far apart, do the opposite and apply shadow on the inner part of your crease. Have well proportioned eyes? You're in luck. You can play around with your makeup to find the best application to enhance your orbs.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget the mascara!!! This is key to creating a lush, sexy eye. I like black and glossy mascara for night and a more opaque and natural shade for day. Curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara (just make sure it doesn’t look goopy). Two brands that are great are DiorShow mascara and, for the more budget-conscious, any Maybelline kind (can’t mess with the tried and true).