Kala's NYC Fashion Week Adventure

2012-09-18 10:06:45

Kala's NYC Fashion Week Adventure

Kala Garner dishes about her VIP makeover at the Beautiful Textures Fashion Week Adventure.

By: Kala Garner
My pass to fashion wonderland!

I found out about the fabulous Beautiful Textures Fashion Week Adventure contest through the Curly Nikki email newsletter “The Scoop.” I saw ‘Fashion Week’ and ‘New York City’ in the email and went to enter the contest right away!

Why I Wanted to Win

I am fashion obsessed! Creating fabulous fashion forward outfits is one of my creative outlets. I try to inspire others with my fashion just as I am inspired by other fashionistas. I believe that if you’re wearing something you feel looks fabulous, you will be fabulous! Some of the season’s hottest trends start on the runway, so  seeing a show during Fashion Week was a huge goal for me! One thing I am passionate about is curly-kinky-coily hair on the runway and in media. Popular beauty magazines, commercials, etc. almost never display textured hair. My goal as a blogger is to help usher in textured hair for high fashion on the runway. Being picked would place me at the premier event to help do this. You can only imagine how exciting it was for me when I heard I was picked as the winner of the Beautiful Textures Fashion Week Adventure!

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