Skin Care Tips for a Glowing Wedding Day

The big day is just around the corner and you're in a panic. You want to look great, but your skin isn’t in the condition. What do you do? Think logically—don’t do anything drastic. Just improve what you have! So what does that mean? It means that you plan ahead.

But if you're a last-minute person, what can you do to look fantastic for that big event? Here is a simple timeline of skin care tips to keep you glowing on your wedding day.

Time line: Two weeks to one month out

Do a deep cleansing on your skin and apply a clay mask to purge your pores of blackheads. If you are broken out with blemishes, spot treat those nasty breakouts. Make sure you practice your makeup application before the event, clean your makeup brushes, and have all your tools ready.

Brow shaping

10 days before the event as you can do last time tweezing if necessary.


One-two weeks before. Don’t wax just before an event or you might suffer from irritation and redness or worse.

Deep cleansing facials or peels

Two weeks before or your skin will be red and irritated. It takes time for your skin to heal.


No extractions 10 days before the event. And no picking pimples—it’s a lot harder to cover a scab then a blemish.


This product is used around the eye area to lift and neutralize the muscles that cause lines and furrows. Botox takes several days to become effective, and the treatment not suitable for everyone. This is something I definitely would do two months in advance.

Common reactions of botox include mild swelling and redness from needle insertion, and some clients may experience a droopy lid after treatment. This is sometimes correctable, but you may also just need to wait until it wears off. Botox is not a last-minute fix, so find a doctor who is a professional.

Be careful of Botox parties if you don’t know the credentials of the person performing these injections. If they inject the wrong muscle you will not be happy with the results, so go to someone who is properly trained.

Facial fillers

I prefer the ones with a hylauronic base. Juvederm is my personal favorite, but there are other formulas that may work for you. Again a word of caution: you can have swelling and bruising with fillers, so plan a month or two ahead of time. Use the herbal remedy Arnica Montana to help reduce bruising. Facial fillers can be used around the lip edge to plump and smooth vertical lip lines. It does go away, but the results are fabulous, so plan ahead.


This can be effective when the technician is knowledgeable. The machine has different controls that can turn up the suction and distribution of crystals. This treatment is not for someone with broken capillaries or has a lot of redness in their skin. The suction can damage the skin, causing more broken capillaries or you could get a striped appearance from someone who is using an inappropriate suction level. New technologies have crystal-less diamond heads, which are great, but need to be sanitized, so make sure your technician knows what he or she is doing.

Finally, always wear a sunscreen, especially after microdermabrasion or chemicals. If you don’t, you may damage you skin instead of improving it.

And congratulations on your wedding!