Early in 2015 a one of our editors sent me a link to Blavity.com in G-chat and told me to watch their astounding growth - and watch we did as over the past year this media outlet has worked swiftly to fill a void by creating content for black millennials.

This month Blavity Founder Morgan DeBaun was awarded a Top 10 Innovators of 2015 Award by mvmt50 at SXSW here in Austin and I had the opportunity to ask her a few of my burning questions, like why has Blavity grown so quickly, what's coming up next for the company, and of course, what's her hair routine? Here's what she had to say.

As a content creator, I also had to ask - what's the secret behind the Blavity pieces that have gone viral, is there a way to tell what's going to resonate before publishing them? DeBaun said "The Blavity community is incredibly diverse and I'm frequently surprised by what 'hits' and what doesn't.  Typically the stories that reach the most readers are personal narratives about an experience that many people identify with."

And in case you're wondering how DeBaun manages to maintain her hair care regimen with a busy schedule of travel and business, we made sure to cover off on the vitals. 

We look forward to seeing Blavity continue to grow and innovate in a content and tech atmosphere that is rapidly evolving, "in the next few years we will continue to see the consolidation of consumer tech, brands and entertainment. As builders we'll need to continue to keep the user experience as the first priority." 

To see the rest of the mvmt50 Innovator Award winners click here, and be sure to check out Blavity if you haven't already.