Today, more men are styling their naturally textured hair. Ladies, which trend would you like to see bae rock next?
giaro garratana wavy hair man bun
pictured: Giaro Giarratana

Here is some hair inspiration for the guys. (Ladies, share this with the man in your life.)

The Man Bun

A simplicity style for men, this style is laid back with little effort. In 2014, the Man Bun was a one of the hottest styles for men with long hair as it could easily be said to make us women drool. There are plenty of takes on the man bun--high, low, or maybe the semi-bun to a full bun.  It’s okay if you can’t decide, watch below how to you can work the man bun 4 different ways.  

The Top Knot

Heart eyes for the Top Knot. Some guys can’t quite decide to go for a Man Bun or the undercut. I say, why not go with both? This style has been making its way into the hearts of women everywhere and guys alike--it's incredibly sexy. The Top Knot is only a variation of the man bun, so you don’t have to commit to just one style. Watch below how you can get the top knot style.

Tips for making the perfect Man Bun

  • Make sure your hair is long enough. The length of your hair is key to a great man bun.

  • Choose the right tools. The man bun is simple, as all you need is a small elastic band and a pomade or a good hair clay.

  • Scoop your hair back.

Don’t’ just pull the hair back. If you want your bun higher, use a scooping motion.

Tips for styling a Top Knot

  • Make sure the hair is cut low enough. Make sure your barber gets close for a proper and clean undercut.

  • Choose the right tools. The right pair of clippers mean a lot for the undercut, you don’t have to keep going back to the barber for a simple touch up. Choose quality clippers.

  • Maintenance is key. As your hair grows out, you’ll find that your hair be in an awkward stage. Be sure to maintain the undercut.

Ladies, which style do you prefer on bae? The Man Bun or the Top Knot?

Let us know.